Hi!! Thank you for the reminder on the microchip registration. We’re all set now.

Brady is settling in well! He’s learned how to go up and down our four porch stairs and now won’t let me carry him up or down. He immediately did really well with the “sit” command and is getting better at “come” and “lay”. We just started practicing “shake” and he’s so cute when he does it!
We’re still exploring methods to teach him bite inhibition. We have a long way to go before we’re spared the puppy razor blade teeth. 🙂
Brady enjoys playing in the water with our son, and is a total cuddle bug. His favorite spot to lay is on the a/c vent and he’s getting better at sleeping in his crate. Pictures attached for cuteness!! We really feel our little family is now complete. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!!
We did purchase the NuVet wafers, but he won’t touch them. Any recommendations? We’ve tried sprinkling on his soft food, tired breaking it up to serve with kibble, and he’ll eat around the NuVet. How was it served to him before? Maybe we’re missing something…?
Colleen and Cecil W