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What Comes With Your Puppy

  • First shots
  • Dewormings
  • Vet examination
  • Microchip
  • CKC registration papers
  • Health record
  • 1-Year Genetic Health Warranty
  • Small bag of Royal Canin food
  • Collar
  • Chew toy
  • Microchip and puppy registration papers

How to Reserve a Puppy

If  you are ready to reserve a Furever little one, review our policies and then click on the PayPal reserve button of the puppy’s page to submit a $250 deposit. (If you don’t have a PayPal account, just check out as Guest and use your debit or credit card.) Your balance will be due + 6% KY tax upon pickup at around 7 weeks old. Prices vary based on coat, color, etc.

No litters available at this time.


Are we Expecting any Goldendoodles?

Year 2020 Update:

We are hoping to be having a litter of Goldendoodles around October!

See our Son’s David Shrock’s F1 Goldendoodles here at Puppy at Liberty!

Goldendoodle Puppy Testimonials


He’s doing great!! We adore Kurtis! He’s so loving and playful. Potty training is going very well! I’ve been meaning to get him registered! I’ll do that this week. He went on his first boat ride this ...

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Shephard (Yoda Sherlock)

Hello, Schrock Family! Shephard, whom we call Yoda Sherlock, is adjusting well. He is totally spoiled and we are loving every minute of it. He had a bit of a rough start due to toxidia ...

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Mallet (Benny)

Hi Heidi Benny (Mallet) is adjusting very well, very smart puppy,  potty trained i will say 75%, we are very happy to have him…. Sincerely ~ Adel H ...

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Hello Shrock family, MADI is doing so well! She has adjusted to our home incredibly well. When we had our vet visit last week, they said she was perfect. I have already registered her microchip, ...

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Kensington (Maxie)

Thanks for reaching out! Everything is going great with Maxi. He is getting bigger and staying healthy. We already registered him, thanks for the reminder. Hope everything is going well with all of you. Regards, ...

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Everything is going well. She has been registered online for her microchip and ckc! Next is the first vet visit next week. The potty training is definitely a work in progress, but we are learning slowly. We are ...

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What is a Goldendoodle?A Goldendoodle is a mixed-breed dog, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The name Goldendoodle was coined in 1992 by combining “Golden”, from Golden Retriever, and “doodle” as in Labradoodle. Poodle hybrids have become increasingly popular and it is likely that the combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle has been duplicated by breeders in various countries at different times.HistoryThe first Goldendoodles were likely due to accidental breeding between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Later, in the 1990s, intentional crossing of Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles was done in both North America and Australia. The Goldendoodle is usually bred to be a family companion dog. Some are bred and selected for careers in service to humans as Guide Dogs, Therapy Dogs and other types of assistance dogs.

HypoallergenicMany people select a Goldendoodle because they love Golden Retrievers, but would prefer a dog that sheds less hair. Some have lost their Golden Retriever or Poodle to cancer or inherited disease, and hope that the hybrid cross will give their new pet a better chance of reducing those risks. Others may desire a dog that may not affect their allergies, although not all Goldendoodles will exhibit the low shedding coat type of the Standard Poodle. Cross-breed dogs do not exhibit standard characteristics, and while Goldendoodles may shed less than a Golden Retriever, the degree of shedding will vary from dog to dog. Grooming requirements are as varied as coat types, with the least shedding coat types requiring more regular grooming than the coat types that shed. While some breeders claim that the Goldendoodle is a hypoallergenic dog, allergists warn that there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic animal. There have been no studies to date verifying that any canine is completely hypoallergenic. Goldendoodles can make good bird dogs if they inherit those characteristics from the Golden Retriever parent. Goldendoodles often are good swimmers, a characteristic of both parent breeds.

Size and WeightLike any other cross-breed, the Goldendoodle varies from individual to individual, displaying differences in size, coat type, and color. A Goldendoodle’s size is generally somewhere between that of the Poodle and the Golden Retriever parents, and the range includes standard, medium and miniature. Some standard-sized Goldendoodles have weighed over 100 pounds. Upon reaching adulthood, a standard Goldendoodle will often weigh 55 pounds or more; a medium Goldendoodle will weigh between 30-45 pounds, and a miniature Goldendoodle will weigh approximately 15 to 30 pounds.

Hair Coat TypeGoldendoodles have different coat types: wool, fleece, hair or a combination. The wool coat is more like a traditional poodle coat. A fleece coat can be either curly, wavy or straight, with hair more similar to that of a golden retriever. As a general rule, the more curly the Goldendoodle’s coat, the less shedding there will be as the dog has more features of the poodle coat. Common colors are white, cream, apricot, gold, and red. Less common colors are black and silver. Rarer colors include brown, parti, and phantom.

Classes of the BreedGoldendoodles are classified as various types depending on the breed of the Goldendoodle’s parents. Standard descriptions include:F1 Goldendoodle = offspring of a Poodle mated with a Golden RetrieverF1B Goldendoodle = offspring of a Poodle or Golden Retriever mated with an F1 GoldendoodleF2B Goldendoodle = offspring of two F1B Goldendoodles.TemperamentSimilar to the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Intelligent, affable, trainable, very human oriented, yet friendly toward other dogs. Moderately high energy dogs, much like their parent breeds.The Goldendoodle is not a purebred; rather, it is a specific type of mixed-breed dog or crossbreed. As such, it is not accepted for registration by recognized registries of purebred dogs such as the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, or The Kennel Club (United Kingdom).Some breeders prefer to restrict breeding to first generation (F1) dogs (i.e. offspring of a Golden Retriever and Poodle mating) in order to maximize genetic diversity, and thus try to avoid the inherited health problems that have plagued many dog breeds. Other breeders maintain that a Backcross (F1B) Goldendoodle (i.e. offspring of a Goldendoodle and Poodle mating) is less likely to shed, and may therefore be more suitable for people with allergies to fur and/or dander. The offspring of a F1B cross are genetically 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. Still other breeders are attempting to take this one step further and develop the Goldendoodle as a breed via selective breeding. ~~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia