Getting Ready for Your New Puppy

Here are a few things that you can prepare for your new puppy;

-You will want to get about 30#'s of Royal Canine Medium Puppy food so the puppys' diet won't change the first month and after that you can transition it to a food of your choice or veterinary recommendation. This particular food can also normally be purchased at a pet specially store such as Petco or PetSmart.

- We also recommend purchasing a 24 pk of Royal Canine Wet dog food so you can feed a small can at breakfast & supper along with letting the dry food set out for free choice snacking during the day. 
-Next it works well to have a crate medium to large size that it can grow and adjust into as it matures, this also works as its "den" or puppy cave.
-When you come to pick up your puppy its good to bring a small leash and also a towel (for mishaps on the way home) also holding it work best for the ride as they tend to get less car sick that way. 

Your puppy will normally come with a collar, a small bag of it food, its vaccine, worming & vet record, a registration form and its microchip paperwork that you will want to get registered into your name and contact information. We usually sent along a 15ml tube Probiotics to administer your puppy 3ml's every evening until empty (about 5 days), this will help any prevent any stress related issues/illness that could occur in the transition of it's going to a new home.

- Also as a final recommendation we strongly suggest that you start out and continue with a good daily supplement such as the NuVet K9 Wafers This can be put on AutoShip every 3 month's and is a very small cost compared to the potential of added health benefits you and your dog will enjoy over the years!