Bernedoodle Puppies

What Comes With Your Puppy

  • First shots 
  • Dewormings 
  • Vet examination 
  • Microchip 
  • CKC registration papers 
  • Health record
  • 1-Year Genetic Health Warranty 
  • Small bag of Royal Canin food 
  • Collar 
  • Chew toy
  • Microchip and puppy registration papers

How to Reserve a Puppy

If  you are ready to reserve a Furever little one, review our policies and then click on the PayPal reserve button of the puppy's page to submit a $250 deposit. (If you don't have a PayPal account, just check out as Guest and use your debit or credit card.) Your balance will be due + 6% KY tax upon pickup at around 7 weeks old. Prices vary based on coat, color, etc.

Rollo and Brianna’s F1b Bernedoodles

Rollo and Brianna’s Adorable litter of F1b Bernedoodles, born 11/04/2020 – Estimated maturity is around 75-95lbs’s and 18-20″ tall – It’s a little hard at this age to determine each puppies’ characteristics just yet but Rollo is very intelligent and Brianna is Super Sweet and friendly disposition, offspring should follow right along!

We are  accepting deposits MONDAY, November 30th at 7:00 pm eastern time!

Your $400 deposit will go against the final price + tax.  They are priced by their color and coat type. Due to the high demand we may not have enough puppies for everyone, We go by the first (time stamped) deposit in for a puppy. If you do try to make a deposit and miss out on the puppy you wanted we will just refund it and will have to wait until our next litter of Bernedoodles. If you have any questions feel free to email, text or call 606-303-5197

No litters available at this time.


Year 2020 Update: Looking for a Christmas Present 🙂 Here they are!

See our New litter of F1b Bernedoodles born November 4th and will be ready to go home around December 23rd!

Bernedoodle Puppy Testimonials

This is our sweet Abe. I cannot express how wonderful of a dog he is. He is humorous, silly and so very loving. He is 92 lbs now and 18 months old. He thinks he ...

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She is doing great and is getting so big! We just love her so much and are so thankful we found her and she found us. Maybe we can get her someone to play with very ...

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Wanted to update you on Balto, it’s been awhile! Balto is now ten months old- he is HUGE, 100+ pounds and 29 inches tall at withers. We love him so very much; he is a ...

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Thanks for checking in Joseph! Harlie is doing great. He’s such a sweet puppy. The whole family loves him already. We renamed him Tuxedo Ripley ~ Natalie K. ...

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Hi!! Thank you for the reminder on the microchip registration. We’re all set now. Brady is settling in well! He’s learned how to go up and down our four porch stairs and now won’t let ...

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Hey Joseph, Bellinda, or Ellie for short is doing great! Here is a picture of the big girl celebrating her 1 year birthday! She is so sweet and loving and loves everyone and every animal ...

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The Bernedoodle hybrid was developed by breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in Switzerland while the Poodle originated in Germany and France.
The Bernedoodle is a cross of the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. As a result, the puppy’s size and weight can vary tremendously. Breeders may use standard, miniature or even toy poodles. Sizes range from: Standard – 23-29″ / 70-90 lbs. Miniature – 15-20″ / 25-49 lbs. Toy – 10-14″ / 10-24 lbs.
Bernedoodles are known for the hypoallergenic properties of their coats. Bernedoodle coats are typically wavy and curly, which results in minimal shedding. Curly coats require frequent brushing to prevent tangles, as well as periodic trimming. Bernedoodles can range in colors, with the most common combinations being either black, black and brown, black and white, or black, white, and brown. Each Bernedoodle's appearance can vary because it is a crossbreed, meaning each litter has genetically different parents.
Bernedoodles are extremely smart, loyal, and good in nature. They can be wary around strangers so it is important to socialize them as early in life as possible.
Overall, the temperament of the Bernedoodle is playful and affectionate. They interact well with children and generally love to spend lots of time with their human families. Because they need to be in close and consistent proximity with their human families, you will find that they don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. Bernedoodles make great family dogs because they are friendly and easy to socialize. A lot of intelligence is passed on from the Poodle parent, which allows the Bernedoodle to be able to work as a therapy dog, with the proper training.
Bernedoodles require moderate maintenance. Because the Bernese parent contributes constant and seasonal shedding of all of the coat types, brushing your Bernedoodle a couple times a week is recommended. Bathing is recommended as needed. Bernedoodles have a minimal shedding rate for the curly and wavy coated canines but for the straight coated version, which is less common, the shedding rate is a little higher. Routine teeth cleaning, eye exams, and ear cleaning should be built into your regimen.
When they are still young, Bernedoodles can be a little bit headstrong. Therefore, it is important that you start your Bernedoodle puppy with socialization and training early. Use a clear, strong voice with a kind, positive tone to train your Bernedoodle. They are very intelligent with an eager-to-please nature that makes it easier for them to be trained. It might take a few repeats of your instruction, but these pups are usually quick to comply with commands. Reward good behavior and obedience with meaty, bite-sized treats and lots of praise and encouragement. Bernedoodles are extra-sensitive to your tone and mood, so harshness will scare them into shying away from you.
Bernedoodles are a moderately active cross-breed. Daily walking, play, and interaction is recommended. Their natural gait is a slow trot, so walking a Bernedoodle should be easy for most people.

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