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Welcome and thank you for stopping by! We hope you will be able to find a Furever Doodle for you and your family! Our aim is to have happy, healthy, and playful puppies you can enjoy life with and keep you entertained and amused at all times. Take your time to look around and enjoy our cute puppy photos. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

Blessed Hope Kennels Google Reviews
Kelli Litsenberger
04/25/2023 03:10:21 PM
Daisy (previously known as Malta) is 4 months and 28lbs. She’s growing and very curious! Very playful and social with humans and dogs. Picking up potty training well and doesn’t mind her weekly baths. We love our puppy and so glad we found her!
Jami Garth
07/17/2023 03:12:24 PM
We picked up Jess November 2022. The process was great. The Shrock's were kind and very communicative from beginning to end. They offered to meet me halfway and provided a transition bag that included Jess' blanket, a folder with all paperwork, a toy and vitamins.Now let me get to Jess. 🤣 She is such a sweet, gentle and often clumsy dog. She has been easy to train and loves people and playing with other dogs. She is so easy going and loves to play. She loves to cuddle and doesn't have an ounce of aggression. I have no regrets and nothing but joy from the experience. She will be one year old in a week and we plan on throwing her a birthday party. I know, I know... I didn't think I was one of those people either.If you are interested, I do encourage you to research doodles. They are wonderful, but have distinct behaviors. For instance, they are ALWAYS right where you are. Go to the bathroom. They sit outside the door. Do you work from home? As soon as you think of standing up, they will pop up from that nap and come right to your side. They have serious cases of FOMO. They want to be involved in EVERYTHING that you are doing. Opening a package from Amazon? Better let them investigate the box and it's contents. Have an impromptu dance party with the kids and they will bark until you dance with them. I guess these aren't problems, but I thought you should knowBut seriously, know that GROOMING is crucial. Get you a de-matting tool, doggy conditioner and clippers. You HAVE to groom in between appointments. Make sure you are brushing EVERY WEEK at a minimum! They are definitely high maintenance. Other than that, do it. Jess is awesome and your doodle will be too!
Dwayne Calhoun
11/27/2019 04:35:18 PM
11/27/2019 - UPDATE: we have purchased our second Bernedoodle from Blessed Hope Kennels at the end of September. He was about 5 months old when we got him, now 7 months. He has the same parents are our first dog. Very similar personalities, but still different. Both dogs are very smart. While having the second dog is more work and cost, our first dog is much happier having her brother in the family. We couldn't be happier.Our Bernedoodle is now approaching 12 months, we purchased her when she was 8 weeks old. She is the best dog we have ever owned. Incredible personality, intelligence, and charm. Everybody just loves her. We take her everywhere we go, including dinner at any restaurants that are dog friendly. The Shrock family are terrific. We are already considering getting a second Bernedoodle and if we do, it will definitely be from Blessed Hope Kennel.
Meredith Brewer
09/30/2021 02:53:39 PM
We are so grateful that we found Blessed Hope Kennels. Heidi and her family are fantastic and truly care for their dogs. Heidi was extremely responsive and answered all of my questions in a timely fashion. Their family property is idyllic with beautiful gardens and wildlife— the perfect setting for a peaceful start to life for our puppy. Highly recommend!
Angel Metz
06/11/2022 07:12:05 PM
They are so kind and easy to do business with. Our pup was well taken care of and the best thing we have ever done! **Mia from 12/31/2021 litter
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