Hi Shrock Family!! I just wanted to give you all an update on Duchess (formally known as Glory). I picked her up 12-12-15, and today 02-25-16 she weighs over 24 pounds. She is extremely healthy with the best personality, not to mention completely spoiled rotten. She loves to play with any other animals and snuggle her mama! :) She is already potty trained (for the most part) and knows how to sit, shake, lay down, stay and give high fives. She also apologizes when she has accidents!! She got groomed for the first time a few weeks ago and all the staff loved her! I couldn't imagine my life without her!!!

God Bless,
February 2011

I hope all is well with you all! I just wanted to give you an update on Finley (Forest from Frito s March 2010 liter).

He is now coming up on his first birthday! He is such a joy to be around and is FULL of life! He has completed 4 obedience classes and just this past Wednesday was certified "Canine Good Citizen"! Soon, he will take the TDI test so he will be a certified therapy dog! He is so smart (and knows it) and is always trying to out smart me! He LOVES playing with other dogs and never meets a stranger; human or animal! Finley wants to shake everyone s hand. He is the most loving dog I have ever met and will sit and let any pet his beautiful red, fluffy coat for as long as they want. One of my favorite things about him, other than his sweet personality, is that he does not shed at all! Although Finley is a very active, adventurous dog, he is a wonderful companion.

I would recommend your goldendoodles for anyone that is looking to purchase a puppy.

Allison Kisor

Customer Testimonials

December 2010

Dear Shrock Family,

You might not remember me, but I was "orange collar" out of Fritos last litter. I am doing so well with my new family. I get to go to work with mom everyday since she is a groomer. My new family has taught me lots of new things including ringing a bell to go outside (which I do sooo well). They say I am the smartest dog ever and they are not biased at all.  I have doubled my weight since I left your farm and am all legs at the moment :)  My coat is just beautiful and I do not shed at all.  My mom speaks very highly of your facility and wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas season.

Mickey Finn Ingle
November 2010


I hope the holiday season is treating you and your family well. Since its the perfect time for sharing love with others I thought I d drop you a note to let you know much love you ve helped bring into my family. I purchased Fido in early May and quickly renamed him Sheriff. He is everything you promised: healthy and happy as can be! I can t believe it. His coat is fluffy and soft but he doesn t shed a hair! Not to mention he is the best looking golden doodle I ve ever met. At around nine months, he is roughly 50 lbs and has had no major health problems.

Wow he is a bundle of energy and such a little troublemaker! He fits right in! Like all little boys he is always an adventure, but I could not ask for a more affectionate and loyal dog. He is like my little shadow! He follows me around the house and hates being more than a few feet away from me. As a college student, I spend a lot of time studying and he spends a lot of time asleep at the desk under my feet. He loves people more than any dog I ve ever met. Even at the dog park all he wants to do is make friends with the other owners. He doesn t have a mean or aggressive bone in his body. My vet says he has never seen a dog and owner with such a strong bond. When Sheriff gets scared at the doctor, he presses his head to my chest and won t go away from me. When I try to drop him off at the kennel, he hides behind my legs and refuses to leave my side.

But he isn t just a little charmer. He is also useful. His greatest claim to fame is the time when my neighbors had a fire. Sheriff was the perfect alarm! He woke me up and insisted we go outside. There was smoke everywhere.Thankfully everything was fine but no matter what happened my puppy was going to help keep me safe. He is also good at catching mice at my mothers house!

He has had extensive training and his trainers always remark on how smart and easy to train he is. He has always been the star in his classes. That said we are working hard together because I want him to become a certified therapy dog. I think he d be just perfect to work with the elderly and special needs children because he is hypoallergenic and so affectionate. He can t take the test for a few more months but when he passes we will be sure to send you an email and photo for your website.

Thank you so much for helping me find my best friend. I always joke with my parents that Sheriff has ruined my chances of ever getting married because I ll never find a man who is as loyal and loving as my dog.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Lisa and Sheriff LaViers
July 2010

I wanted to send you a few photos of Russell (aka "Foster" from Frito s litter this past March). He is FANTASTIC! Absolutely beautiful dog, with a great personality. Our family loves him. He s on "vacation" on the beach in South Carolina in these shots, and had a great time running in the waves. He was the *star* of the beach! (He also likes the car and is no trouble to travel with : ) He s moderately tempered for a puppy, and not too hyper, but very playful and loves people. Our vets also think he is gorgeous, and will be a beautiful adult dog. I will send more photos of Russell when he s a bit older, and I d highly recommend your puppies for anyone interested.

All the best to your family, Michele Pettis
May, 2010

Hey Joseph and Kathy,

I am amazed every day with the puppy I got from you. Brady has brought so much joy to my life. He has an amazing personality (and knows it) and can bring a smile to just about anyone s face! We get lots of compliments when we go for our daily walks. Brady has really grown up and has become quite the gentleman. I just wanted to thank you both again for everything! I couldn t be happier :)

Love always,

Andrea Galaviz
Hi Joseph

Jan/2010 I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for our wonderful pups. We have renamed them Dakota (boy/white) and Schmooze (girl/amber), and we are having such a fantastic time with them. They are now about 20-25 pounds of fluff; healthy, and happy.

I have attached a few photos for you. We would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you should you ever need one, so please dont hesitate to ask. We have passed your name on to many people who have asked where we got these beautiful dogs, and I let them know that you expect new litters this winter.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

We wish you much happiness and success in the New Year.


The Wrights
October 04, 2010
Hello Joe and Kathy,
I wanted to send you an update on Max from Rosebud s litter. He is a great dog and we enjoy and love him dearly. Max is a very smart dog he completed basic obedience class with ease. He has grown to be 62lbs. and enjoys going for walks and running with the bike. We just absolutely love the breed that we are greatly considering adding a female to the family. Our youngest daughter Lilly if you remember, (the one we purchased Max for on the birthday in April of 09) has wanted another dog for sometime now. We will have to contact you in the new year and see what you have available.

Thank you      Chris, Lisa, Emily and Lilly Cohen
Hi Joseph & Kathy,

I just wanted to update you on our puppy. From Shasta s first litter we picked Sugar but she is now named DAISY.

We picked up Daisy when she was 6 weeks and weighed about 5 pounds. Now she is 11 weeks old old and has just about tripled her weight. She is growing up fast & is FULL of energy. Daisy had her first haircut & the groomer said she is a "happy" puppy! She learned to "sit" and "shake hands" the first week we had her. We are still working on the house training, but she is kennel trained (however, she doesn t like it) but sleeps through the night with no accidents. Don t let the red bow fool you - she is not prim & proper. She would rather play with the big dogs, dig in dirt, play with cats and chase frogs. She is a beautiful little goldendoodle. We are so happy to have her. I will send you an update on her when she gets a little older. If anyone ever wants to see additional photo s please look us up on facebook. I have photos and video s posted.

Sandra Ferguson,  Covington, TN
June, 2010

Our puppy is doing wonderfully, by the way. We absolutely LOVE him. He housetrained very quickly and is so sweet with everyone he meets! I will attach a few pictures of before his haircut. He is at 50 lbs currently, (5 months) and the vet says he should reach 65-80 lbs fully grown. Again, thanks for the wonderful addition to our family. He is a gem!

Angel Edwards
May, 2010

Hey Joseph and Kathy,

I am amazed every day with the puppy I got from you. Brady has brought so much joy to my life. He has an amazing personality (and knows it) and can bring a smile to just about anyone s face! We get lots of compliments when we go for our daily walks. Brady has really grown up and has become quite the gentleman. I just wanted to thank you both again for everything! I couldn t be happier :)

Love always,

Andrea Galaviz

Hope your summer is treating you well. I was looking online and saw that you moved to Tennessee. Hope you had a safe and uneventful move. We just sold our house and will be moving out in a few weeks. We plan on staying with my parents for a bit, while we look for a house on the lake. Other than that, we are doing well, and LOVING our puppy. Barley is an awesome dog. He is doing so good and has grown up SO FAST. He LOVES the water!! He plays in my moms kiddie pool at her house and has claimed it as his territory when he is there, ha-ha Yes, he might be a little spoiled, being the only child in our house. He forgets he has to share when we are not home! He also loves the boat rides and the lake, and always has to run through the water sprinkler when I have it on for the yard. His favorite though is the walk at the park where he can jump through the river side to side!! We took him to puppy classes the month of May at the local Pet Supplies Plus. He did very well, and it helped both Matt and I get on the same page with the commands. We try to work with him every day, so he is doing very good, we plan on taking him to agility classes when he is a little older. He loves to go on walks and be busy so I think agility will be right up is alley. Well I just wanted to write and say hi and give you a little update. Thanks again for the wonderful puppy, we just adore him. He makes us laugh all the time!!

I have attached a couple pictures!

Take care,

Amber Halmekangas
Joseph and Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing very well. He is so much fun and we love him! He is adjusting well to the new surroundings and has even house-training very quickly. Very smart dog! We named him Boston and he has grown quite a bit since we picked him up at the airport. Thanks for the shipping refund. That was unexpected. Hope you and your family are doing well. Enclosed are pictures. Take care and thanks again.

Kris Nelson
Kathy and Joseph,

I just wanted to say hi and thank you do much for Bailey! She is a great dog. Since the day I got her she has been wonderful, she is just now getting to her chewing stage, but that s okay because she is almost completely potty trained. I wanted to show you how much she has grown so I ve included some some pictures along with the email.

Thanks again!

Heather Baldwin, Sept 2009

Gomer is now known as Walle, he s been a wonderful puppy! He was very easy to house train & he knows how to sit, shake, lay down, give high five and as soon as he hears the word  bed  he goes.

L Marcinkiewicz, Aug 2009




We the Shrock family wish to express sincere thanks to all our wonderful customers that we have met over the past years, especially for those that have contributed below!
Joseph & Kathy,
Daisy aka Sugar Daisy aka Sugar

I was looking at your website and saw where I updated you in August on Daisy (aka-Sugar, Shasta s first liter). I thought you might want an updated picture of Daisy.

Daisy is now 7 months old and weighs about 40 pounds. She is still a bundle of energy, but is a very sweet little girl. She is a very quick learner and loves to sit, wave bye, shake hands and roll over (fast). She loves her people and gets VERY excited when they come home from work. She is crate trained but she has graduated to staying loose in the house. She loves getting groomed and looking pretty - but will go out and dig in the mud every chance she gets. She plays really good with her brothers and with other dogs at Petsmart Daycamp.

Thank you again ~ for such a happy puppy.

Sandra Ferguson, Covington, TN      01-11-11
Joseph and Kathy,
RE Bella aka Sunflower

She is WONDERFUL!! I call her Bella. She is just delightful. So smart! She rings the bells when she needs to go outside to potty. She never has any accidents no matter how long I need to leave her in the house. Bella does not shed at all! My home does not look or smell as though I have a large puppy living in here with me.

I live alone; I am not afraid anymore now that I have her here with me. She alerts me to anyone on the property. She is somewhat protective and very outgoing. She is not shy, timid, aggressive, or obnoxious! Bella learns quicker than any puppy/dog that I have ever owned. I do not have the money to get her face trimmed up so I have been doing it myself. This is why I have not sent any more pics. I believe the next closing I have I will take her to the groomer. Then I will take pics and send them to you so you can see just how beautiful she has become.....

Wishing you a blessed Holiday!
Susan Winter
Dec 19-2010
Jan 2011

I am sending some photos of Charmer. .... All the kids are running around with him.  He has a play mate (that other goldendoodle across the street) that loves to play with him.   My husband absolutely loves him.  I teased him and told him the boys across the street wanted him for the night and he was so upset. He wanted that dog back and made up some excuse about training and such.    He is very cute and very soft.   He is the best  addition to our family.   I am really glad we got him.  It was nice dealing with you. You were very honest, easy to work with  and gave us a great dog.    We called him Oliver,   Charmer is his middle name. Thanks so much for everything.   Should we want a friend, I will give you a call.  Regards,  Pascale
UPDATED April 8-2011
I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our GoldenDoodle.  He is the most beautiful dog.  We changed his name from Charmer to Oliver.   My kids love this dog. He has the best disposition.  He is loveable and friendly.   I can give him a bath and he just stands there and does not fight me.  He has the best fur.  I cannot tell you how soft and fluffy he is.  I get stopped all around my neighborhood by people telling me what I beautiful dog I have.  All the kids love him. My neighbors boys come and borrow him to play with.    It was so nice to work with you on getting him. He arrived as you said and he was in perfect condition.   You were a pleasure to buy a dog from.  I am hoping my Mother will get a dog from you this July when she returns from vacation.    Anyway, I cannot thank you enough.  My kids and husband are in love with this dog as am I.  

PS I think my husband wants a second in a year so do not retire Prince just yet.

Pascale (Sheehan) Levin CPA
F1b Goldendoodle Puppy Lincoln
F1b Goldendoodle Puppy Lincoln
Sept 25/2011
Shrocks family,

Greetings from the Wilson's in Louisville.  Lincoln (Love the name and kept it) has been with us now for about three weeks and he is doing so good.  We love him so much and he loves his new home.  He has been to the vet once, and has a second visit this Friday for his last shots.  Lincoln has such a mellow disposition, yet has a great personality.  We get so many compliments when we take him for walks and to the park.  We have had no problem with potty training and he loves his crate that he sleeps in at night.  Our only real struggle has been for him to realize that the cat is not a play toy, but rather his sister!  We hope to start puppy kindergarten classes in the next couple weeks.  Thank you so much for this great dog!
F1b Goldendoodle Puppy Ruby Doo
F1b Goldendoodle Puppy Ruby Doo
Dear Shrock Family,
   I am sending you some pictures of Ruby Doo, the latest addition to our family. As newlyweds with no children, Ruby is blessed with having our undivided attention.  She is a wonderful puppy. We have so much fun with her. She has quite a personality- she is sweet, loving, playful, and smart. We taught her how to sit, give us her paw, and lay down in a matter of minutes. She loves to chew on our socks, but it is very difficult to get upset with her- she's too adorable. Ruby attracts attention wherever we go, and is happy to receive it. She plays with another Goldendoodle named Molly on a regular basis- we consider the two to be best friends. We couldn't be happier- Thank you!  - Derek & Laura Chirico  Sept/2011
Oct 2011 Hi Joseph & Kathy, I just wanted to drop you a note about Daisy (from Shasta & Prince).   I entered her picture in Doodle Country's Hall of Fame calendar and Daisy was selected !  Her photo will appear in January.
I just wanted to send you the link so you could see. 2012 Goldendoodle Calender 
Sandra Ferguson, Covington, TN
The Futvoyes and "Percy"
Dec 2011
Merry Christmas Joseph and Kathy. We hope Kathy is feeling better.
May God richly bless you this Christmas season as you reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful Christmas we get to spend with our new addition, "Percy". We are loving having her a part of our family!
Love, The Futvoyes
APRIL 2012
Hello! Last April my husband and I purchased a goldendoodle from you. His name was Luke and he was 4 months old at the time. We renamed him Gus because it just seemed to fit him! And I thought I would share some pictures with you.

The first one is Gus on the very first night we got him, he was so cute and adorable! He fit right in to our family in no time! The second picture is of Gus and his brothers! Two Austrailian Cattle Dogs. The black one, Brinkley, is 5 years old and the gray one, Jasper, our newest addition to the family has just turned 5 months old. Gus and Jasper are BEST friends. They sleep together, play together, and work together!  The next picture is Gus today :) He was JUST certified as an official Therapy Dog! He and I will be visiting local hospitals, schools, and retirement homes to cheer people up! He's an amazing dog, so gentle, kind, and very playful. He's gone through six months of obedience training, and is now completely off leash and collar. The last picture is Gus doing what he loves to do best, running free on our farm in Ohio!

We thank you for providing us with such a great dog, he's an amazing animal and we love him so much, and he's going to bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people that need it!

Take care,
Amanda & Mike Edgington + Gus :)
May 2012 ~

Hello I just wanted to drop a few lines to see how the family is coming along.  MAX is such a great dog and we love him so much I sent you some pictures from last week where he is 5 1/2 months old and doing a walk for the wounded warriors.  How is that plane coming along?  Well I really hope everything is going good with you and the family.  We miss you all.

The Ayers
July 2012

Doing great just got a haircut, My parents have him groomed every 2 month's Let us know if you you need more pics or refferals for your site, it was a pleasure working with you!

~ R Chollett
Sept 2012      Hi Joseph &  Kathy.
Well Tucker is what we called your little Lane.   He was the wee one of the litter, but I'm not so sure about that now.  He has turned out to be a wonderful dog, with a great disposition.  Our daughter who is allergic to dogs(confirmed by blood work the from the Doc) is always around him and has had no issues with being around him.  I just couldn't imagine our family without him.  It took no time house training the little guy.  He also went through obedience class, and graduated!! Our son Kyle was so proud of him, he thought it was quite funny that Tucker had to go to school and even received a graduation hat.  Turns out Tucker loves camping and watching the kids play baseball.

I am just so grateful that everything worked out and he is a part of our family.
Sincerely, The Whitfield's
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hi Joseph and Kathy-

Hope the new year finds you all well. We wanted to write and let you know how much we love our puppy. We drove almost 500 miles each way to get her and she was well worth the trip through the snowy mountains! She is 4 months old now and about 25 pounds--growing like crazy! We are constantly amazed at how smart she is and how fast she has learned things. Everyone at the vet s office just cannot get over how cute she is; and they see a lot of dogs!! Penny (aka Floral) is a very healthy, sweet addition to our family, and even our 11 year old bearded collie has grown attached to her.

Thank you so much. We have attached a recent photo and would be happy to refer you to any one who is looking for a great puppy for their family! Take care.

Laurie and Mike Mansfield,  Wake forest, NC
Golden Retriever MILLIE
August 2012
Hello Shrock Family... We are doing great with Millie. She will be four months old tomorrow. I wanted to share a picture of my two girls.
Hope all is well.

Wanda Wallace

Joseph & Kathy Shrock/ Blessed hope Kennels

Please find the attached photo of Chelsea, thought I would share an update with you guys.  She is getting so big and she is such a joy and a great companion.  I made a great decision on getting her from you guys.  

God Bless, Christopher Gordon
Golden Retriever CHELSEA
Jan 2012

Hello, Our puppy is almost eight months now and she is a lovely standard black goldendoodle. We are all so happy with her. She was so easy to potty train that we thought you prepared her before she arrived. She is a clever dog and loves people. She gets excited when we have visitors of all ages.                                   

Best wishes, Ana Woulfe
F1b Goldendoodle AFRICA

January 2013

Hi Joseph, I hope you and your family are doing well.  Our doodle was named Oliver Walter and answers to OW. He is a healthy seven month old puppy with tons of energy. He never meets a stranger and is such an enthusiastic greeter that he is going to class to be more polite.  I have enclosed a photo as he just got groomed. He adds a lot of sparkle to our days! When he gets to go to pet smart to bone shop everyone comments on how pretty he is. He weighs about 40 to 45 lbs and is very strong.  Let me know if we can be of more help. Thanks!      
                                                                         From the Buns, IN
Goldendoodle: Oliver Walter
M Kates Goldendoodle BERKELEY
M Kates Goldendoodle BERKELEY

Februrary 2013

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and give you some info on Berkeley from Juliet and prince. He will be 11 weeks this Thursday and is the best dog I could have ever asked for!! He was potty trained in 4 days!!! He also has a bell on the door now and rings it when he wants to go play or potty. He can sit, shake, and play dead. It is unbelievable how smart he is!!! He loves going on walks and becoming friends with all the neighbors dogs. He is growing so fast! He would rather not be in it, but when I do have to put him in his kennel he takes a bone and is content. Thank you for giving me my baby! I love him!

From M Kate
Mar 2013

Here's a couple recent pictures of Murphy! We LOOVE him! He goes everywhere with us including work with me every day. His favorite thing is to meet new people, visiting the nursing home, and going hiking. He's incredibly smart and at 7 weeks he slept 12 hours every night, knew how to sit, shake, high-five, roll over, stay, and twirl. He recently learned how to "pray"! We have loved having him in our family and I can't imagine our life without him!        ~ E Large

March 2013

Joseph and Kathy,

Hi! we are so happy with our new family member. Her name is Mable Ellis and she just loves to play with everyone in the family. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks with my daughter. Mable also enjoys swiming in our local pool with the other neighborhood dogs, and sleeps with all of her toys in her bed. Mable is now 9 months and can do several tricks. Thank you so much for such a nice dog!
                                                                                                                       -The Ellis Family
May 2013
Remington (Remi) has turned out to be a great dog. He was very shy the day I picked him up, but it did not take him long to make himself part of the family. He has tons of personality and is great with the kids. We get comments on how cute he is everywhere we go. He is very smart and loves to play. We just love him to pieces.  We are very happy with the choice!  Thanks again.

The Lucas family

Chris Lucas
United States Army
The Lucas's at New River Gorge
May 2013
Joseph & Kathy,   I just wanted you to know that your kennel has produced a very talented Goldendoodle named Daisy (aka: Sugar from Shasta & Prince in 2010)  She previously won the January spot in the Goldendoodle calendar,  she has received recognition for being the highest jumping dog, the best ball retriever and now she has filmed her first TV commercial.  (there are plans for more!) 
I hope you can view this link and I hope you enjoy it.  We are very proud of her. 

Sandra & John Ferguson
Covington, TN
June 2013
..Lucky is so much more than we had ever anitcipated when we decided to get a puppy.  I've attached a few pictures we have taken so you can know that he is truly a part of our family.  While Lucky is considerable bigger than expected at 85 lbs., we wouldn't change him for anything.   He is a gentle giant and loves everyone.  Lucky swims in the pond at our house, a nearby lake in our town and occasionally at the ocean when he travels with us to our condo in South Carolina.  He is so smart and can easily perform over 35 tricks and was house trained by 10 weeks old!  Thank you so much for enriching our lives and allowing us to know that we were capable of so much love by giving us this wonderful fur baby.

May God continue to bless you and your breedings of beautiful pets.

Teddy & Vicky Murrell
Sevierville, TN     
July 2013

It's hard to get a good picture of our sweet girl because she is always so close by. We love her dearly!  "Lexi" is so smart. When we got her home she never had any accidents in the house and has taken really quickly to the invisible fence. What a smart girl. She was exactly the addition we had hoped for.  If we ever decide she needs a sibling, we will definitely be back.

Melissa Bercaw
F1b-Goldendoodle WALTER
F1b-Goldendoodle WALTER
July 2013
He is doing fabulous!  We named him Walter. 

Attached are some photos

The Fishers
Goldendoodle MARLEY
July 2013

Hello, We just wanted to share how happy and pleased we are with our Goldendoodle Marley. He is 7 months old. He is healthy, happy and very playful. He has brought so much joy to our home. We want to thank you for your outstanding service. Marley is truly one of a kind. Very sweet and loving puppy.

Sincerely. The Rivera Family
Rineyville, KY
Sept 2013

Dear Shrock family, Andrew and I want to express our gratitude for the two boys, Mac and Griffin, you all provided us. Both are doing so well and bring true joy to each day. Not a day goes by they don't make us laugh. Griffin is Mac's older brother, and they definitely act like siblings by picking on each other but even so most days end in cuddles. Here are a couple pictures of the two of them during our favorite moments. Thank you for our healthy, happy teddy bears!
Goldendoodle DORA
Sept 2013  Here's Dora at the lake sporting her summer hair cut. Feel free to use her photo. I love her!! Peace to you and your family-- Julia Meister
Goldendoodle LEXI
Sept 2013 She (Lexi) is such a great dog and wow is she growing!   From M Bercaw
December 2013
I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much for all your help! We love the newest addition to our family!!  We named her Penny and she is perfect.  I am amazed at how smart she is.  She was potty trained in 4 days and has already learned to sit and give her paw.  Our experience was amazing and you and your family were so generous and welcoming. We appreciate your follow up for calling and checking on Penny.  We can see your love a dedication to these puppies. That made us feel so comfortable because we knew we could trust you.  We thank you for everything you have done and I have told all my friends about you all! I am sure you will be hearing from them because the have fallen in love with Penny too! ~ The Williams
PENNY formerly RIVERA ~ F1b Goldendoodle (Rileys Litter)
PENNY formerly RIVERA ~ F1b Goldendoodle (Rileys Litter)
Thanks! They are sooooo excited and happy. Hunter is precious.  He seems happy, moving his tail.We got home from the airport, gave him his food and water.
Now he is taking a nap next to my kids.
Thanks again for everything.  God bless you!
Kind regards, Luciana Guzman

Jan 2014

Hi Joseph and Kathy!
Happy new year to you and your family! We absolutely love Zadie, now Winter "Winnie"!! She is so smart and loves to give us high-fives! She loves to play in the snow and meet new dogs and people. She attracts lots of attention around town and loves to ride in the car with us because all of the local businesses give her treats!! Everyone asks us where we got her and we always give you a glowing review! Thank you for such a wonderful and healthy dog! We are anxious to see how big she will be.

Sincerely, Jon and Alicia
Jan 2014
            He is doing great.  He is getting potty trained.  I call him my monster because he is so aggressive when it comes to food.  He is absolutely lovely.  I have a hard time taking his photo as he is so black.  You cannot see his eyes.  Oliver is starting to get use to him.  When I take them out together, they will run and play.  He is getting big.  I took him to the vet for his shots and get to ready to neuter him (don't worry.  I do it at 6 months and not before) and he is 22 pounds.   I just tried to take his photo and he does not want to move from under my chair.  He sleeps under my chair next to my desk when I work.   I will send you one when he gets up.  I only have a photo of his back.  He is so cute.   We love him.   The name is now Chase.  Not my favorite, but my son insisted that he be called that.  Thanks so much for him.      ~ P Levin, AZ
Feb 2014
Zander is wonderful. Have been meaning to send you an email. We love him so much. Plan on sending you a picture soon. He weighs 40 pounds now. .....He is the best dog I've ever had. So smart. He is pretty much potty trained and even tells us when he needs to go out. Learned the sit command after one week of being here. Then learned to shake the second week. He also knows what drop means. And the command down. So smart!!! Thanks for asking about him and we will send a picture soon. Thanks                                                                                            From JM McMurtry, TN                                                              
Feb 2012
Hello Shrock family! So nice to hear from you.   All is going well with Caleb aka Jasper.  The potty training is coming along fairly well. He and Winston (our miniature schnauzer) are doing great together!   He has been great for Winston, teaching him how to play and wrestle.  He is already bigger than Winston...growing so fast. Jasper has already brought many laughs to our home!  He had his first trip to the vet a couple of weeks ago,did really well and everyone there fell in love with him.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family!  Hope all is well with you and your family including the furry ones! Again it is so nice to hear from you and hope to keep in touch.   Paige and Jim

Rivera (Penny)
Jan 2014

    Thanks again! She's such a doll! She's doing great! Still working on potty training but she's catching on! I'll send more photos soon!

~ M Mays
Goldendoodle REBETTA
Feb 2014
He is doing great! We love him! He has only had three accidents since we got him and he is learning fast... Already ringing bells to go out and sitting! We changed his name to Finnley and he knows his new name as well. We will send update pictures soon for your website! Thanks for reaching out to us.
Ryan and Jess
Feb 2014
Alisha/Lexi is doing awesome, she is very sweet... A little wild at times, it's been so cold right now that potty training is going as well as can be expected..lol. My other goldendoodle really loves mothering her, it's so cute. Thank you for checking in.
Warm Regards, Sue
Feb 2014

Wilson (Austin) has secured a place in our hearts and home. He has mastered potty training and basic commands "sit, down, roll over, off". Growing fast. Our vet thinks he's a gorgeous dog. We will be starting official obedience training soon. Thanks for your concern. We absolutely love him!!!

K Kincaid
Feb 2014
Joseph and Kathy, everything is going great. The kids decided they wanted to call her Sadie after my grandmother and she has taken to responding to her new name very well. My kids are still working to train Sadie not to nip at them, but that's only occasionally. Potty training is going very well. It's not yet perfect, but she has done a great job letting us know when she needs to go out. We could not be more happy with her. Thank you.
Feb 2014
Everything is going pretty well. When I'm home he rarely has accidents, normally he's pretty good about giving me some sort of sign that he needs to go. During the day, he still can't hold it as long as I'm gone, even with me running back during my lunch break, but that's just him being a puppy still. He's learned to sit and he's getting the hang of "stay".

His major mischief is that he loves getting ahold of loose socks if i let him near laundry behind my back. Even if I try to keep an eye on him while I do laundry he tends to manage to sneak one. I can tell he ninja'd one if I glance back and he's left the room.  K Smith, LA
Feb 2014
So glad you sent the email, I’ve been thinking of letting you know how Zephyr, now “Gracie Lee” is doing. She potty trained very quickly with only a few hiccups and is a bundle of Joy with boundless energy.  She loves to walk, I’ve already lost 10 lbs. which is great, we walk three times a day if we can. She loves everyone in the neighborhood , dogs, kids it just doesn’t matter. She doesn’t shed even when I brush her and with a home that had two sons and my wife that were allergic to dogs she does not have that effect on them which is great. She goes in her crate on her own at bedtime and doesn’t make a sound all night. She has fit right in with our family with no problems. We would certainly recommend your kennel and do when asked where we got her....                        ~ R Lee, TN
She is a great dog..very well behaved. Sweet dog. Best thing that ever happened to my daughter. "Robin's" name is Ollie Belle.
Dora F1b Goldendoodle
Feb 2014
Joseph and Kathy, So nice of you to check in on us! Lassie, whom we call Maggie, is a wonderful part of our family!  She is my best little buddy - I work from home so we spend a lot of time together every day. She potty trained after just a few days and we have not had any problems in... I honestly can't remember how long! She just turned 1 on Jan 20 and has grown into a beautiful dog.

Most people do not believe she is a goldendoodle - her coat is as straight as I've ever seen on one! She is extremely friendly, loves other dogs, and is so smart. I've attached a few recent pictures, including our the one we used for our Christmas card. We're proud of our girl :) Thanks again for checking in and hope you are all well!  Claire
Feb 2014 GRACIE:
Hi! She is doing well! Growing so big and we just love her. It is especially helpful for my two Ethiopian kiddos to learn how to love a dog. They are not afraid of dogs anymore because of this sweet puppy. She's like a giant stuffed animal.

She is not completely potty trained but does know to go outside and go to the door to go out. It is always helpful if someone sees this BEFORE she has an accident. I'm glad you emailed. We had to shave her because she got completely matted :(. So she looks SO SO different. Still working on her not jumping on us though.

Hope your family is doing well. Blessings, The Stotts Family
Feb 2014
Hello, So glad to hear from you. Jewel is the best dog that anyone could ever wish for. She is completely potty trained and very smart. I have had many different breeds of dogs, but none of them compares to her. We take her camping and she went to Myrtle Beach on Vacation with us last year. I have never had a dog with such a sweet personality. She is loved by everyone! She loves to play ug-a-war with the boys and fetch. She is truly a Jewell.

Thank You and your Family for Such a Blessing, Naranjo Family
Feb 2014
He's doing great! He was completely potty trained at about 2 months old. His name is Maverick and he's about 60 pounds now and knows a quite a few commands. He's very happy! Thank you all so much!

J Jobe, KY
Feb 2014

He is doing great! We re-named him Benny. He is just the sweetest puppy, and he is so smart!! You can only fool him once. He is like a dream puppy! House training has been almost too easy! Thank you for asking about him, and doing all that you do as a breeder! You guys are awesome!!!

A Bates, TN
Feb 2014
Thank you so much for following up and asking about Katie. We decided to change her name to Jade. Jade has been such a joy to have in our home. She is a very lovable, active and playful puppy that continues to bring a smile to our faces everyday. She gets along very well with the other animals in our home. She loves to chase the cats around and has become best cuddle buddies with our other goldendoodle, Lilly. She caught on really quick to the potty training, with her following Lilly and doing what Lilly does. Lilly has been a great helper and teacher with all the training for Jade.

Again thank you so much for following up with us. Jade is very loved and we are so happy to have her added into our home.

James and Carrie Jones
Feb 2014

Hello. So nice to hear from you. Well I will tell you that he is doing great. He is being potty trained still but coming along. Very smart dog. We love him so much. He has been a blessing to us. There is never a dull moment around the house anymore. He is growing quickly so me are making sure we enjoy our puppy while we can. Here are some pictures for you to see. Blessings to all. We will keep in touch.

Herandez, FL
Feb 2014

Good evening, Raleigh (new name for America) is doing awesome! She is such a fun little puppy with an awesome personality.  The potty training is going alright, we are teaching her to ring bells to let us know that she needs to use the bathroom.  I am attaching a few photos of her.  We truly were blessed with an amazing dog who has attached to the two of us very well and she also gets along with our other dog, Ruby (Miniature Australian Shepherd).  We cannot put into words how much she has changed our lives.  Thank you so much for everything! We are excited to have her apart of our family.

Feb 2014
We wanted to take a minute to send you an update on Cameron, now Finnley Duffy. He has been the most amazing addition to our little family, even more than we could have ever imagined. His temperament is amazing and our vet has only great things to say about his health and progression. With the recent snow storm here in NC, Finnley has discovered his love for the snow. Thank you again for everything throughout the entire process!
The Naranjo's and Jewel
Feb 2014
He is doing great.  We switched his name to Bentley- he rings the bell when he wants to go out and has been potty trained since about a month after we got him :) Thanks for asking Danielle
Feb 2014
He's doing great! He was completely potty trained at about 2 months old. His name is Maverick and he's about 60 pounds now and knows a quite a few commands. He's very happy! Thank you all so much!
Jessica Jobe
Feb 2014

Hi Joseph!
We named "Ruthann" Sophie!!! She is the sweetest, most loving, craziest thing! She was potty trained (mostly) within 2 weeks. She was definitely the easiest dog I have ever trained. I have an eight pound yorkie and they are inseparable. Sophie loves to cuddle and thinks she is as small as my yorkie. She loves attention and gets PLENTY!!! I am so happy with her and she is definitely a happy dog.

Thank You,
T Hargett
F1b Goldendoodle OLIVER WALTER
F1b Goldendoodle OLIVER WALTER
MAR 2014
He is a wonderful and loving family member, full of energy and wants to be in our laps if at all possible. Best adaption possible, God sure blessed us with him.

We have name him Oliver Walter and we just call him OW for short. If he is in real trouble just “O”! Anyway he is a real joy in our lives,

Thanks a bunch.

From the Bunners, OH
MAR 2014
Dear Shrock Family, We wanted to give you all an update on Robbie, now named Walter, and send a special thank you from the Johnsens'. Walter is doing fantastic! He is a very healthy and happy pup full of positive energy and love. Walter has been working with a trainer and she has been extremely impressed with how intelligent he is and how quickly he picks up new commands! Also, we are currently in the process of training him to become a therapy dog so that he can participate in the dog visitation programs at local children's hospitals here in Nashville. We want to share Walter's joy with all those sweet babies who so desperately need it! Our 4 year old daughter, Logan, and Walter have become quite the pair and she loves him more than words! We cannot thank you enough for our sweet boy who has brought so much joy and light into our home! Many blessings to you all!              Sincerely, The Johnsens'
Black F1b Goldendoodle Garcie Lee
Mar 2014
Hello Joseph, I hope you and your family are doing well. I can't believe our Goldie is 5 months old! It seems like just yesterday that I was calling you from Indiana, nervous that I had a male dog:) She's getting huge and we're eager to see how big she's going to end up. Goldie has proven to be an amazing dog for our family. She's the perfect mix of fun energy and calm obedience. She's really quite smart, although I know I'm biased. She's been great with our sons (8 & 6yrs) & on the few occasions that they were too rough with her, she never showed any aggression what so ever!

We couldn't be happier! I've spread the word around Chicago & have friends seriously considering the crazy 7 hour road trip to get their own Blessed Hope Golden-doodle.                                Take care, K Kosmala, IL
F1b Goldendoodle GOLDIE
Mar 2014

Hello, I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that Phoenix ( now Remington) is doing awesome. We took him to the vet today and the vet said that not only is his records the best he has seen from any breeder but Remington is by far one of the best pups he has seen in a while and everything on him is correct and as it should be.

He weighed in at a little over 12 lbs so hes going to be a pretty good sized boy! We have another apt. in 3 weeks to finish up some more of his shots so Im anxious to see how much he weighs in then.

He didnt seem to be a huge fan of the royal canine food so we have transitioned him on Blue Buffalo Wilderness and hes doing awesome on it and loves it. He sleeps with us as night and is the biggest cuddle bug you could ask for. So far house breaking as been going well and he loves car rides! He is a true  " favorite" everywhere he goes.

Thank you again for such a sweet puppy, I will keep you updated with pics as he gets bigger!                         ~Michelle
MAR 2014

Hello!  I just had to share some photos with you of Garland's first winter...he LOVES the snow!! 
Hello Shrock Family!!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting an update to you on Angela (Prince + Autumn - Nov 2013). We named her “Charley” and though it confuses people quite often, the name fits her to a T. We adore her!! I never knew I could love an animal as much as I love her.

She has been the BEST dog ever!! She is fully potty trained now, goes to go door when she wants to go out, waits until we tell her she can go eat her food after we set it down, etc. The real challenge has been teaching her not to pull on the leash or jump on people because she is SO very social and friendly that she wants all the love and affection she can get.
We are continually amazed at how smart she is, how well she does around children, and how quick she is to obey.
We got a car harness for her and she is a dream to take on trips and hops in the car the second we open the door.
I could go on forever about how precious she is, but I will let you look at some pictures. We had her spayed last week, and she has recovered wonderfully.

Thanks for the gift of the world’s greatest pet!! We love her dearly and she has brought so much joy and laughter to our home.
Preparing us for children one day, for sure J

Be Blessed, Erin Frizzell  |  Recruiter
Golden Retriever Gardener
June 2014
Dear Shrock Family,

I wanted to give you an update on our pup, Rory (formerly Galaxy), born in March 2013. Rory is a very sociable and happy dog. At the dog park, everyone loves her! There isn't a dog or human that Rory doesn't immediately run up to and say hello. We actually can't walk anywhere without being stopped and asked where we got Rory. Everyone says that she is the prettiest goldendoodle they have ever seen, and we have to agree with them! Thank you so much for Rory, she completes our little family. :)
The Donnelly Family
Almanzo (Cody)
July 2014

Hello, Hope all is well with you and the family. Wanted to update you with a recent picture of our pride and joy. As you can see Almonzo (Cody) looks so much like his dad prince. He is now 7 months and every day we love him more and more. Thinking maybe in a sister or a brother for him. :)

From Lissette
July 2014

Joseph, Thank you so much for the email. Bromley has adjusted wonderfully into our family. Everyone adores him and he's taken to the kids great. The potty training so far has gone great. He truly is a sweet dog and is very smart. ...

Best wishes to your entire family and thank you for such a wonderful blessing,

JULY 2014

Hello Joseph & family,
We thank you all so much for checking in on us! 'Rubin' who we now call 'Red' (Redington) is doing very well so far. We took him to the vet for a puppy check up and to schedule booster shots, and the vet was extremely impressed with his health and how beautiful he is!
As for now potty training is going pretty well! My wife and I are very proud of how well he does inside, and how eager he is to please. He already knows his name, and can come when called. He loves belly rubs, chew toys, small walks, and cuddling. He and my wife are the best of friends. My wife and I are constantly stopped and asked what kind of dog he is, and that he is the cutest puppy most people have ever seen!
My wife and I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful companion in our lives, and we feel so blessed to have found such wonderful breeders like you and your family.
We have registered his microchip and his CKC as well. Thank you so much, Shrock family! :)
We have attached some photo's for you all to see how Red is enjoying his adventures and his new home with us! :)

The Nebletts
JULY 2014

Hi Joseph,
I hope you are all in good health. I would like to touch base with you regarding Ebony. What a wonderful puppy she is! We couldn't be more fortunate! She is such a good dog, Ebony really made a wonderful addition to our family. She is about 51 lbs now. She is so smart, playful, and great with the kids! Thank you so much!  God bless you and your family!
Anna Pura
JULY 2014

Greetings to the Shrock family!

I wanted to update you on our fluffy ball of energy Brodie (from Rosalyn and Prince). Currently Brodie is 6 months old and approximately 50lbs. He steals the spotlight everywhere we go! ...and we take him everywhere! He quickly learned several commands within a couple weeks of his arrival. His favorite trick is giving high fives to everyone he meets!
Many people have asked where we found Brodie and I have given your information with high recommendation.  Thank you again for our wonderful addition to our family!

Best, Tania & Blake
August 8/13/14

Hi Joseph. I just wanted to give you a little update on this happy boy. Simon (Roger) was from your January 2 litter. He is 55 pounds of joy at 7 1/2 months. He is inseparable from his doodle brother Rudy and wears him out. Here he is after his first haircut with a new bowtie. Also a pool shot. He's a healthy boy and probably will be close to your 65 pound estimate for weight. Just wanted you to see him.

Thanks so much.

August 2014
Hi Shrock Family!! Jessica ( now LuLu) is doing wonderful. She is such a sweet puppy that loves to cuddle. We are so in love with her. Potty training is going good, we've had a couple accidents of peeing in the house, but were working on it.  I will register her microchip this weekend.

Here is a couple pictures of LuLu!
Kristi Elkins
August 2014

Here's an update on our handsome little boy!
Brinkley (aka Jasper) is doing so amazing! He loves his squeaky duck, knows sit and lay down, and let's us know when he has to potty!
He is such a ham! We adore him. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift :)

Have a wonderful week!
Ben and Tressa
August 2014
We are so happy to have adopted Leo! Our four fury kids are blending wonderfully. It is great for manny ( ruby/King litter) to Have Leo to romp with. We are excited to see what is in store! Thank you for your impressive business practice & more than impressive care in your pups. I have recommended your kennel to people we meet & will continue to do so. Having adopted 2/4 dogs from you , your business standards are head & shoulders above the rest! We have been in the " dog world " for decades and if we do add another family member one day we will look your way! God Bless,
- Tom & Lori Munroe
August 2014
Hello, Gorgeous (aka GiGi) is doing great. She has adjusted very well. Her potty training is going as well as expected. She does great through the day but she does use it once during the night in her crate. Also, had her to the vet and he said she was very healthy. I will register her as soon as possible. My girls love her. Thank you so much!
Sept 2014

Hey Joseph we just wanted to thank you thank you thank you very much four are puppy "jewel" now her name its Bella ;) she is great puppy and loving she loves everyone we are so blessed to have her in our home thank you very much again God bless you and you family to....
Dec 2014
Joseph, We hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We cannot believe it's already been a month with our new friend Pebbles. She's is a wonderful dog. She is incredible sweet, loving and intelligent. She already has learned many tricks including speak and her favorite game of picking which hand a piece of kibble is in. She isn't destructive either which is so wonderful. We love her so much. Attached are a few pictures

Best, Alex
Evers Photo
Its great to hear from you, Pistachio, now named Pebbles is wonderful. We absolutely love her. She is sweet as can be and has a great personality. We got her potty trained day one. She has also learned sit, stay, laydown, and shake. She's incredibly smart and she has adapted so well to her new enviornment.

We took her to the vet over the weekend, and she has a clean bill of health. We were already extremely happy with your level of service and how easy the transaction was but the vet made us feel even better. She said that your records of her medical history and papers that came with her were the most deatailed and thorough papers she had ever seen. Thank you again for everything and raising her so well.
Nov 2014

Good evening,
    He is wonderful! He is such a happy, playful puppy and he is doing great potty training. He has a few accidents here and there. He loves his new dog and cat friends and sleeping in the bed with us. :)

I just registered his microchip. His new name is Prince Camden but we call him Cam! Thank you so much and we love him dearly!
Oct 2014

Hi Shrock family!

Little Patience is now sweet Sadie Rae (and not so little!). She's adapting well to life in GA and will soon be relocating with me to New York where she will have her own personal yard in the city of Manhattan! How lucky is she?? She'll even have a dog park 2 blocks away to play in as well. Her potty training is slowly progressing. She occasionally has accidents in the house, but knows to still go outside too. The only difficulty with the training is she does not seem to "ask" to go out. She is such a sweet, playful girl and loves affection. I couldn't be happier. Attached you will find some pictures of her growing up. She is now over 36 lbs and growing fast! Thanks for checking in and hope you're all doing well.

Best, Zachary Gebel
Grandeur (Ginger)
Grandeur (Ginger
Dec 2014

Kathy, Thought I would send you some updated photos of Grandeur, which is now named "GINGER" Puppy is doing well and we have self trained it a lot. She is house broken, sits, stays shakes hands, and much more. Loves her "family time" in the morning and evenings after she comes out of her crate. She has a crate in the bedroom and her own room off the kitchen. "bedtime" and she goes willingly to her crate....but we have to lock the door..she has not learned that part yet.

Truly a very smart puppy and we thank you for her start on the journey to our home.

Jan 2015

First and foremost this is the sweetest puppy. He brings so much joy and love into our lives. He is even more handsome in person. American has a new name it's Bryton August Bider! Pronounced "Brighten." He is doing great! He loves all of his toys, taking to crate training very well, and knows to go potty outside. Only had a few accidents which is great. I have been clicker training him. He knows how to sit, come, lay down, and paw. It's amazing how smart he is. Your family raises wonderful puppies. The video should be done by Thursday, however, we are aiming for tomorrow. In the mean time we have a few photos!!

~The Biders
ROMANCE (Birdie)
Jan 2015

Joseph, We just wanted to send you some pictures and update you on Birdie (aka Romance)!!

The 1st picture was a couple of weeks ago.  The 2nd picture was taken this past weekend, we made our first trip to the beach and she loved it! The 3rd picture was her first trip to the Vet a couple of weeks ago, and then the last picture was on our way home from the beach.
As you can see, she is growing more and more every day and is doing great!! Everyone dotes on her and tells us how cute she is, which of course we don't argue! Thanks again for everything - hope all is well with you and your family.

Kathleen & Thomas

Jan 2015

       Kandy now Margo has been a WONDERFUL addition to our family!  We couldn't be happier.  Margo has such a great personality, fun, loving, goofy and energetic. Our two girls just love her.

       Margo is fully house trained.  We started in a crate during night time but now she can sleep outside her crate.  We want to thank you for our wonderful Margo!  Here are a few photos of Margo.

~ The Starnes, IN
Georgette (Gigi)
Feb 2015

Just wanted to share an update on GiGi (formerly Georgette).  She is such an awesome dog.  She is soooo smart.  She has trained easily with the bell to go outside and has had very few accidents.  She now just goes to the door and hits the bells and parks.  She goes out and does her business.  Also, she trained very easy on sit, stay, come, touch and lay down.  We are working on "off" with her as she loves to nip :)  We love her and I have referred your kennel to several as it is obvious you love your dogs and pups.  Her is GiGi today :)
Joni Pardue

Hi, Shrock family!
Nothing new to share, but I did want to send some pictures your way ...  we love her!
Thanks for the pup!
The Rempe Family

Thank you and your wonderful family. Now Zoe, is doing great. She is beautiful, loving and sooooo much fun.
She is so intelligent, she as learn to sit, stay, come, lay down, roll over. And is doing great with potty training.
Our family just loves her sooo much. And our extended families love her just as much as we do.
She is a blessing to our family.

Again thank you!!!!!
June 2015

Dear Joseph and Kathy,
     Gracie, now Beacon, (Goldie & Prince 2015) is doing very well! We love her so much, and she completes us as a family like I never thought possible. She is sweet, gentle, very silly and we are filled with love!

     Beacon is a fulfilled promise to my late grandfather. He named her for us hours before dying, and we waited three years to find our Beacon. We feel blessed that she came from you at Blessed Hope Kennels.

     Thank you for the many emails we exchanged and for the interactions with your lovely children. You breed such wonderful companions. Thank you for our amazing puppy.

~With love and gratitude, The Egnaczyk Family

April 2015
Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy! We changed Krisha's name to Ruffles - She doesn't seem to mind but we are having a hard time remembering ;) lol She is  lively and energetic - way more active compared to Oreo, our 9 year old border collie mix! They seem to be getting along well together, and hopefully will become good buddies!
      We didn't realize how sweet and cuddly Goldendoodles were! She is such a  'people person', and just wants to sit on our laps, and be wherever we are. . . We really enjoy her and she fits right into the family !
Thanks again!!

-The Demala Family
June 2015

Hi Shrock family!

Just wanted to give you and update on Romantic.  We’ve changed her name to Charly.  She’s wonderful!  She is potty training quite nicely and is very  smart.  She already occasionally rings the bell to let us know she needs to go outside.  Amazing!  She’s adjusted well to the family and our life.  She sleeps in her crate and night with no fuss.  Her and the cats are still curious about one another, but no fussing from either party yet.  We just love her!  Here’s a picture from her playing in the back yard this weekend.  She’s growing so fast!

The Vaughns
July 2015

Hi Shrock Family:

Here is my delayed update on Pastor.

He is incredible! From the moment I took him from your arms at the airport this dog has been such a good sport.  I flew with him in-cabin (under the seat) and he was as good as gold. He never made a peep and slept almost the entire way.   When we arrived home, three hours and forty five minutes from our departure in Louisville, he was happy to get out of the carry-on but was a gem with no incidences the entire way.  Flying with him was as easy as can be. For anyone who may do the same, I would suggest getting the shortest flight time as most flights have layovers.  I do think if I did it a week or more later he may not have been as comfortable under the seat.  He was 8 weeks to the day when we flew.  These puppies grow fast.   Be sure to check with the airline you travel.

He has acclimated so well to his new home.  His potty training has been incredible as well. He hasn’t had a mess.  He sleeps in his crate and is happy to go in there with no issue.  By the second week he began sleeping through the night (10:00 p.m. - 5:30 ish), which is incredible.  We had several young children over the 4th holiday weekend and he was delighted with them and played so sweetly; it is as if, he knew they were little ones like him.  He enjoys company, going out on the boat and is content in the car as well.  He’s simply a good sport about everything.

His disposition is gentle, he’s bright and polite (yes, polite, he eats at such a calm slow pace and waits patiently).

He has been such a gift to us and has made our home a more fun, loving, welcoming place.

Thank you. I can only think he must have come from the sweetest parents and an exemplary human home.

July 2015

He has been so docile and sweet.

Happy that he is adjusting to our family already!

No accidents and he slept through the entire night without being scared. He also sat still through his first bath. We are so happy that this cutie is ours.

He just looks like a little teddy bear and doesn't squirm when we hold him. Thanks again and we will definitely recommend you all.

Hi Joseph & Kathy

Words cannot express how happy and blessed we are with Bryton. You all produce wonderful companions. We got married on 8/2/15 and had Bryton come to the wedding. Wanted to share this picture with you all. Hope all is well!

With love,
Anthony & Asheton Bider
Aug 2015

Hi Joseph, Gelinota, now Maci, is doing amazingly well! She adjusted just fine...from the moment we picked her up, she has just settled right into the family. She never seemed nervous or anxious, and she has slept through the night without making a sound from the first night. Potty training is going good...only very few accidents so far. Our boys are in love with her and she is great with them...it's like she knows to be gentle and patient with Hayden, our special needs son, and Luke is for running and being rambunctious!! She is a perfect fit for us....thank you for such a sweet puppy!!

Aug 2015

Hi Shrock Family!   We just wanted to give a quick update on Gretchen (formerly Kaytee). She is getting so big...already 14 lbs! She has developed quite the personality and is such a delight to have around. She's been very quick to learn house manners - she rings the bells to go outside and has learned basic sit and stay commands all in her first month at home! We plan to start our puppy obedience classes this coming weekend.

We absolutely adore her and her goofy antics. Thank you so much for all the work you put into her first few weeks of life. She's growing up to be a beautiful, healthy pup and we're so excited to have her as a part of our family!

Best, Chelsea and Paul
Gretchen (formerly Kaytee)
August 2015

Hello Shrock Family!!   I don't know if my mother gave you a good update on radiant yet but it's two weeks since we got him and he is the best puppy!! He knows outside is where he does his business and also play. He is now crate trained after letting my other dog in the room where the crate is. Radiant's new name is Charlie! I want to thank you guys for giving us such a great puppy the whole family has to take turns with him lol. We go to petsmart a lot and everyone has to stop and pet him.
We are setting up a play date with Russell Ing who bought a goldendoodle from your family. Ironically his dog is named Charlie too. I can't tell you guys enough how thankful we are to have him, we are truly blessed with him. I will send pics when he gets bigger!

The Joergers
Sept 2015

We wanted to send an update on Pebbles (formally Pistachio). Yesterday was her first birthday and she's still thriving! We've even taught her how to count to six!
It's nice to see her brother, Professor, on your website too! They look very similar!
Here are some pictures from her birthday and a video of her counting:
Dec 2015
Words can not express how grateful we are to have found such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much for such a high quality dog. He has been a joy from day one and as you can see very loved. Just wanted to share an updated photo. Formerly known as Radisson born on 5/29/2015. Thanks again Carol M. in TN
Dec 2015
...just to provide you with an update on our Auggie..  He is such a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family!  He is quite the charmer and everyone who meets him falls in love with his loving personality... He can already sit, shake, and lay down on command. We currently have him in puppy classes and he is doing great!  He loves to swim after each class and doesn't want to leave the pool area...     
           Thank you for this amazing puppy! We are absolutely in love with him.. God bless!
           Sincerely,The Whitakers
Dec 2015

......Zander is an F1B and is great. No shedding and my son is not allergic. I want you to know that Zander is the best dog my husband and I have had. And that includes our childhood years. He is loving, not too hyper, but wants to play all the time.

The McMurty's
JAN 2016
Here is a picture of our handsome boys! The Kattmanns
This sweet boy is two years old today. What a blessing he has been to us. Simon is 65 pounds of preciousness. When he was 8 months, he was hit by a car in our own driveway when he ran after his brother Rudy. He suffered a broken hip and had surgery to pin it in place. Luckily that was all the damage. But 12 weeks of rehab and sedation was not enough as the pins became dislocated and he had a lot of pain again. He had a second surgery called an FHO where the ball of the femur connecting his leg to his hip was removed. That was 13 months ago. He had a long road to recovery with lots of hard work, including walking hills, leg weights, PT, underwater treadmill, electric stimulation therapy, stretchy bands, and lots else. Progress was slow but steady. In May of last year, 6 months after the Second surgery, we had a pool put in. He was a like a fish in water, and it worked wonders to strengthen those muscles and rebuild. We call him our Kentucky Wonder Boy. What Kentucky boy doesn't love to swim?
You would never know now that he was injured. He is as sweet and loving as they come - and as spoiled too!!! Thanks for giving us this little bundle of joy!!! He makes us laugh and smile every day.

Kim Tandy
Jan 2016

Hello!  I just wanted to give you an update on Chevy (previously named Russel) from Professor and Riley's liter. I attached and recent picture of him, he loves the snow! He is almost 30 lbs and such a smart and well behaved puppy! We love him so much and he is best friends with our little Maltese. He knows a ton of tricks and is getting to be a very good walker. We couldn't be happier with him!!

Thank you!
Andrea and K.C.
Shrock Family,

Copper (Jethro) is doing great! He has a big appetite and an even bigger personality. He and Bear, who we got from you last year, have become fast friends. Copper joined us for his first hike with the family this weekend and is a big fan of creeks, waterfalls and camp fires!

Thank you for the new family member!

-John, Kate, Bear and Copper 
Before and after hair cut. He's a real sweet dog thanks again guys !
      Josh Judy
MAR 2015
He is doing so well! He is slowly but surely getting potty trained! Only a few accidents here and there but we already love him more than we could have ever imagined!!

We did rename him though! His name is Cooper!! :) he has stole the heart of us, our family, and all of our friends!
We go on walk/runs daily and he loves playing with his frisbee!! 
Mar 2016
Hi Shrock Family! I wanted to wait until the 3-month honeymoon phase was over before writing - we’ve made it!

My husband or I will not likely forget the level of professionalism your daughters exhibited when we picked him up. They handled everything beautifully. I also truly appreciate the work your son put in the week before we picked him up. I’m convinced he laid a successful foundation for Arlington Washburn Wilson, called “Wash” most of the time, but also “The Mop”, “Pups”, and “Bubba.” We only had a couple of potty accidents that were totally the human’s fault.
Wash is everything and more than what I imagined. He is smart and incredibly sweet, he is teaching me patience and discipline, and he is my heart dog.

We immediately enrolled in puppy class the week after we brought him home and we just completed basic manners in February. He is the ideal dog in public, everyone loves him, and he loves them right back without ever being fearful. We’re still learning how to communicate on some things like barking at the unknown, but he is more than often wanting to please.

His favorite command is “Touch” where he follows your hand with his nose. It’s fun and also extremely helpful when he needs a distraction. I take him to the groomer for haircuts, and give him baths in between visits. I’m trying to use positive association to teach him that nail clipping isn’t really that bad. This summer I hope to take him on more hikes in the woods, camping, and to see if he’ll swim.

I hope you and your dogs are doing well! ..... Warm regards,  Ashley W
March 2016

Hi Shrock family!    Jambalaya, now Sophia is doing great! Charlie our 10 month old that we got from you guys now weighs 56 pounds and is nothing but pure love. They both were pretty much potty trained when we got them home. Charlie is great with Sophia, he's so gentle! Everyone stops us anywhere we go with the two. Charlie graduated from training at petsmart a week ago, and we just registered Sophia's microchip!
Thank you guys so much!.              The Joerger's
April 2016


He is getting so big and we love him so much!!!

We have decided to rename Zola-  Piper is her new name. She is doing great! She is very playful and loves toys! Here is an updated picture of her.
Samantha Daniels-
May 2016

Hey Shrock Family! We wanted you to be update you on Mia which was known as Rominda. She has fit perfectly with our family and our children have grown so attached to her! She is now 6 mths old and 40 lbs. Mia is house trained crate trained and can sit, shake, and be gentle with the kids. We love Mia!!! Thanks for your breeding of such an amazing dog! We love our doodle, The Maynor Family!
May 2016

Our Harley Girl is adjusting VERY WELL!!! We love her more and more everyday!! She has still only had 3 tinkle accidents and NO poopy accidents. Does very well in her crate and sleeps all night now. I already had to adjust and make her collar bigger.
May 2016

This puppy loves to fly and we can literally take him anywhere. He is one happy puppy and we are still so thankful for him.

-Flagg Family
June 2016
The Shrock Family,
Just wanted to update you that Ginger is just over 7 months old now, and is doing wonderfully! She is such a joy, and entertains my wife and I, as well as all of our friends. She is so good with people - she never meets a stranger - everyone is her best friend. We get compliments everywhere we go with her, especially at the dog park. We could not ask for a better puppy!!
Thanks George S
Hi Joseph -

Thanks so much for the gift of Marty! He has been such a great addition to our family and we really appreciate everything you guys did to facilitate the transition!

Marty is very playful, very energetic, and very sociable.

Marty has been enjoying his new life on our small beach community of Sullivans Island and seems to like the water so far. Porter especially loves his new best friend and enjoys walking Marty around the area and getting lots of attention from neighbors and friends.

Kindest regards,
G Spicer

Hi!! So sorry it's been so long. Here are some updated pictures of Garnet. He is doing great! We love him! Thanks!
JULY 2016
Hi Joseph. Amigo is doing great. We named him Titus and he is doing so well. He has gained 2 lbs since I got him last week. He's adjusting so well with my other Goldendoodle and is just a delight to my family and friends. He seems to be a quick learner. He's doing great with potty training and sleeping all night in his crate. He's a bundle of energy which I love and by the end of the day we are both usually worn out. :) I will be registering his microchip today. Thank you so much for raising such great puppies. We love our Titus.
Renee Boyd
July 2016
Good afternoon!
Arabella is absolutely perfect and is a blessed addition to our family. We renamed her Ruby for reddish color coat. She is loved and cared for so much! You all did a mighty fine job raising these fur babies. She has already grown so much since I picked her up last week from you all. She is doing great with potty training! She loves everyone she meets, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her.

Thank you again,
Brandy Bernick
August 2016 

Hi Joseph and Family!
Paradise (Leo) is doing amazing.  My granddaughter absolutely loves him, but then, so does everyone who meets himJ.  We have a family business, so while my granddaughter is in school, he comes to work with us!  His potty training is going very well…very few accidents!  Three of our granddaughters come to work after school, so he gets lots of play time as well as adult time.  I do have to say, his personality has turned into a “stress breaker”.  I can’t imagine coming to work and him not being there…he’s goes home with my granddaughter and is doing great at my daughters home too!  A happy and loved puppy!

~ S Vawter, KY
Aug 2016

Just wanted to share some update pics.  Marina (Gabby) is doing great at almost 5 months!
Aug 2016

Dear Shrock Family

Ginger has just turned two and she loves riding in the family golf cart when she's not chasing doggie friends at the dog park.

We absolutely love having her as part of our family.

~ Don and Gerrie McSwain
July 2016

Hello Shrock Family,
       Charlie (Reebok) is growing. 32lbs and the best cuddle guy ever! We sit, shake, lay and speak. He is protective when I am home alone, but yet loves everyone when we go for our walks. Completely house broken.  :)
Will you have any puppies from Professor again? We would like to get him a playmate. He is the best blessing we could have asked for.

Thank you, J Remster 
July 2016

She's doing great! Potty training is going well. I registered her the day after I brought her home. She got her first bath with us today, now she's all fluffy and tuckered out !

Thought I would send your family a picture of Galina @ 3 months..
Nov 2016

Hi Joseph,
Just to let you know, we brought Garden to the vet today. He said you, as the breeder, did an excellent job, she is an A+ puppy, beautiful and very healthy! He said her temperament is great, and should be a wonderful pet. Our kids love her. Thank you so much from our family!
Attached is a picture our little girl showing her new friend the backyard.
P Boudreau
Nov 2016
Hello there! Doing great! We absolutely love her!
She's adjusted very well, I completed the CKC registration and Akcreunite just this morning online she's had her first vet checkup this past Friday.  Our vet was singing praises to you for such great health records! She goes back on 11/9 for shots!
We are so happy with our choice!
Oct 2016

Hi Joseph, I just wanted to let you know that Titus is a great addition to our family. He is very smart  and very much loved.
He is one today so I thought I would send you a pic to see how much he has grown. He is 63 pounds of joy.

Thanks again for everything.
The Eubank Family

Nov 2016
Good morning! Oliver is absolutely the best fit for our family! He is doing amazing at potty training! He's so attentive and willing to learn.... I have no doubt he will thrive as a well trained and well behaved puppy! I'm  thinking that if Oliver could give you an update, he would tell you he adores me-he hasn't left my side since we brought him home!
Oliver is the best investment I've ever made!- thank you so much! I haven't yet had a chance to register him- but plan to as soon as we can. Thank you for the link you sent .

I've also passed on your contact information for two others.  I don't personally know them but they were so impressed with my pup they asked for information on contacting you. I hope they do contact you. It was the best thing I ever did!

Best regards! ~ D. Mclain
Happy 1st Birthday Cole (Konrad)

Hard to believe he is a year already!! He is such an amazing dog and we love him so much!
He is such a gentle, well mannered dog and has the best personality!
I hope all of you are doing well, and hope you have a safe and blessed Christmas and New Years!

David, Jessica, Shayla, Ryan and Cole
Nov 2016
Winston (below) has adapted very well to his new home. I take him to work with me daily and we're working on training and socialization.  He is a typically puppy; exploring and learning every day. Our daughters, Isabel and Emma, adore him! 
Thank you for such a great pup!    ~ The Browns
Nov 2016
Emma Snowberry is doing just beautifully! I do have to remind myself at times that she's not yet 9 weeks old - very long time since I've had a puppy around.

She is amazingly smart; already understanding some verbal 'instructions' (when she wants too) such as 'leave it', 'let's go in the house', 'are you hungry'... She totally enjoys retrieving anything and her mouth has grown enough for tennis balls, a retrievers greatest joy from my family's experience with these wonderful dogs.
Emma and I are both adjusting and doing very well. She is such a joy for me and I'm grateful that I found your website.


DEC 2016
Hello Shock family. I just wanted to write and give an update on Amigo (Titus).  He is growing so fast and he is so smart.  He's one big bundle of energy and loves to get cuddles from everyone and play with all the kiddos that come to visit.  He's a great protector already and he's in obedience training now which he loves cause he knows he'll get treats for being good. He will be seven months old on Dec.13.  Thank you so much for raising such good loving doodles. We love our Titus soooo much! Here is a pic of him wearing his CHRISTmas pajamas and sporting his new CHRISTmas sweater.
Rene'e Boyd
Dec 2016

Joe and the Shrock Family,

Ginger says "Merry Christmas" from our home to yours. She had a chance to visit Santa Claus - twice! Her wish list included hopes for a brother sometime soon, and peace and joy to everyone!
Ginger is just about 14 months old now, and is a stranger to no one.

George and Pam in Independence, KY
Dec 2016
Happy Holidays Shrock family!
I want to give you an update because it has been so long. Jambalaya (Sophia) is about to be one this January, she weighs about 50 pounds and wants nothing but love. Radiant (Charlie) will be a year and a half coming up and he weighs about 65 pounds. We are so glad we got the two of them together because the love each other so much. Their personalities are so human like! I never had to potty train them, they have just been the perfect dogs. I can't thank you enough they are everything and more. We never go on vacation without them and even fenced in an acre for them to run. Thank you again!                ~ The Joergers 
Jan 2017

Hello! We wanted to share an update with you! We adopted our amazing dog January 2016 from you all (Born 12/17/2015). She is the best dog ever! We take her everywhere we go...she goes on the school run with us nearly every day, and has proven to be a great long car rode companion. She is huge! Around 65 pounds now, but looks even bigger because she's so fluffy.
Dec 2016
We just wanted to send you a quick pic of Lexi. She is the best dog!! We just love her. She's great with the kids and our corgi is her best bud.
~ The Bercaws
Dec 2016
Jacklin(Stella) is doing great and has been an absolute blessing to our family. She's only had two accidents potty training in the week we have had her. We have began crate training and she does well and makes it about 4-5 hours nightly before fussing. But after a trip outside and mid morning playtime, she sleeps another couple hours. She is doing well with her Royal Canin food.

She has such a sweet and soft disposition. So subtle and gentle. She seems to know the difference in playing with Me and then playing with our 3 year old daughter.

We honestly cannot thank you enough for her. We can tell that a lot of love and care come with your puppy and we will forever be grateful.
Jan 2017
Hello, Gladys now aka "Finley" now is doing good! She is very playful and loves to be by our side at all times. We are still struggling with crate training her - getting her to be okay in her crate at night and when we leave to run errands. She HATES the crate. She truly just wants to sleep in bed with us.

Potty training is progressing. She seems to have have the concept down of going #2 outside and still working on her understanding about #1. We are sure in due time she will get it. In the meantime, we are trying to keep her on a feeding schedule and taking her outside regularly, while we reward her every time she relieves herself outside.
Jan 2017
Our boy turned one today and we are so happy with him! Best dog we've ever had!!!
Jan 2017
Hello Mr Shrock, Our puppy is doing very well. We have started calling him Murphy, which he has taken to very well. He sits on command and is learning to lay down and shake paws. He is doing well in regards to potty training, we are trying to keep him on a schedule of going to the bathroom first thing in the morning, again after breakfast, and whenever he is let out from his kennel.

The holidays have been a little tough for him, moving from new environments every few days as we travel, but we are home for a while and he does very well at the house.

He plays well with other dogs, is friendly with small children, he even played with a Goldendoodle that came from your kennel a few years ago
Jan 2017
Hello Joseph, Thank you for the follow up. Marlin did great on the ride home. Slept most of the way and he has blended into our family and our home as if he has lived here his whole short life. All the dogs love him and our doodle treats him like he is his baby. He did great last night and has been eating and drinking like a champ. He is already blended in perfectly and he already has his routines down. He just followed the other dogs leads. He will be very easy to train. He has his vet exam tomorrow. We adore him and he is already stolen our hearts. Thank you so much for such a sweet and precious addition to our family.

Kindest regards, Michelle
Jan 2017
A quick update on Winston; he is doing fabulous! He has mastered potty training and is doing very well off leash and with basic commands.  He loves to play but is not destructive (in fact we don't even kennel him when we leave him at home).  Winston is a very confident guy and loves to explore.  He does great with our kids and very well with our cat and shi-tuz.  He also loves to play with the big dogs too (my parents have two male Goldens) and loves the water!

Winston is also very handsome! We get compliments on him everywhere we go. Last week at the vet he weighed in at a whopping 30 pounds! He is going to be huge!

We are so thankful and thrilled to have such a wonderful dog in the family! Thank you for all you do.
Sara Beth Brown
Jan 2017
We registered his microchip tonight! He had his first visit with out vet today and everything was PERFECT. The vets were throughly impressed with his condition. He is kennel trained and hasn’t had an accident in the house in two days. He’s a brilliant puppy and things at the moment could not be going better.
Cody Krantz
Hello. This is Debbie Pittman's daughter. We have renamed Zabrina. Her name is Livi! She is the best ever! Potty training is going well. She is ringing a bell to potty. She is so smart! We are in love! :)

Morgan Pittman
Hello Joseph,
I have enclosed a few pictures of Marlin who's been renamed Hansel. Feel free to use my comments from the previous email update I sent you or this one or edit the two to make one comment that would fit your need. We are happy to spread the word about what a wonderful little pup we received from you all. Mina was so incredibly sweet during our visit there, I do believe Hansel may take after his mom in the sweetheart department. Mina is a doll and I just fell in love with her when I was there so I am so thrilled to have one of her babies. Hansel's Vet visit went great and he is a picture of great health and continues to make us smile and fill our hearts with joy and love. Smart, sweet, silly and a bundle of love. ~ Thank you again, Michelle
Jan 2017

Hi Shrock family! We absolutely love Glenda so much!! 
We are adjusting very well!  Glenda's new name is Angelica-BellaReese, named after her daddy, Reese!  We call her BellaReese.  We will always call her our "Angel-Glenda" too!

She is so adorable!!

We took her to our Vet and he fell in love with her and held her for 30 minutes. My husband registered the microchip and we have received our first order of NuVet wafers. Pottytraining is going AWESOME for only 9 weeks old.  We are amazed at how intelligent she is!  She catches on really quick to everything!  She LOVES her crate at night and occasional playpin during the day!  She sleeps 7 to 8 hours every night, which is amazing!  We are very thankful!
She doesn't she's a bit and even our most allergic friends can spend time with her. She took to training like a fish to water, and we are looking into our next steps to get her certified as a comfort dog to visit schools and hospitals. Our only regret is not getting one of her litter mates as she loves being with other doggies! Maybe sometime in 2017 we can grow our family with another one of your amazing pups.

The Knox Family

She experienced snow recently and loved playing in it. We are have fun learning more about her but overall she is settling in nicely here.

Joy Rea
We are teaching her to COME/SIT.  She basically already knows it!  We are also working on STAY, LEAVE IT, and LOOK AT ME.  She started Puppy Preschool Saturday and did AWESOME!! BellaReese is very gentle, playful and loving and she loves everyone and everyone loves her!  She goes everywhere with us!  We love her so much!  She is doing very, very well!

We can't thank you enough for the blessing and friendship of you're precious family and our Angel-Glenda/Angelica-"BellaReese"

The Greer family ❤
Feb 2017
We love our Bernedoodle. We named him John Prine after my husbands' favorite singer and musician. Our John Prine is a lovable handful. I spend a lot of time trying to train him. He has a long way to go but is smart and we are making progress. He gets along with our corgi female and even my cat is tolerating him. Last time I took him to vet for his final round of shots he weighed 39 lbs if I remember correctly. Just wanted you to know how much we love him. LaMarr Winn
Greenville Mississippi
Feb 2017
Biscuit (Porcelain) playing in the raised beds this weekend.  Then to the creek for a bath.
Ken Davis
Mar 2017
Snowball is now almost 6 months old and is weighing every bit of 50lbs if not more. At 4 months old he weighed 42lbs. His lip has completely heeled. He is so full of energy and incredibly stubborn...but we love him any way! He is like the class clown! Fits right in with our family! Lol!! He has learned sit, down, and come. He hasn't mastered potty training, but we are working on that still.
He has become best friends with our jack Russell sassy. She is roughly 10 yrs old. 4 years ago we lost our dog chance. Him and sassy had grown up together...she became a little down after that. When snowball came home she came to life. She has never played with toys...now she plays tug of war with snowball!! He has brought so much laughter to our life!! We love him and couldn't be happier!!
Thank you,
Melissa jones

Mar 2017
Dear Shrock Family,
Gwando is now known as Puck. He was named after Puck a clever, mischievous elf, sprite or jester in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Believe me, his personality fits that character and we love him!  He fit right into our family from the first night.  He used our doggy door after watching the others and picked up the idea of potty training right away. He sleeps on our bed all night with no trouble and plays with Max, our eight month old Goldendoodle all day long.  We have started training him and he will sit and stay most of the time.  Our vet says he is very healthy and was impressed with the records you provided us.
Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs.  We cannot imagine our family without Puck!  We have registered his microchip now.
We will send a photo when he is older so you can see how his coloring came out.
Susan Mullane
Mar 2017
Hey, this is Sully Bear formally Zeno. He has a birthday tomorrow!! He is pretty spoiled and doesn't know that he is a puppy. He is sooo easy going and is ready to go anytime the wheels roll.
Heather F
Georgia is doing really well. She has adjusted well to our family and we have adjusted to her. For the most part she is housebroken. Occasionally, she has an accident. She sleeps through the night and does not have accidents in her large crate. We love Georgia very much and she is a blast to be around.
Everyone that meets her, loves her personality.
I will send you a couple of pictures.

Thanks for checking in,
Our puppy is doing great!  She is doing pretty well with potty training and she is so smart!  She has three kids to play with here, and my son, James (11), has bonded with her.  I was able to get her microchip registered
Hi all,
  Charlie (reebok) over a year now. He goes to daycare when I work and LOVES it. 
Thank you,
Jennifer Remster
Here is "Rosie" at the beach! Love you guys❤️. Thank you so much for this special pup❤️

Francine Kraeger
Jadan is wonderful! Berkeley our 4 year old from prince and Juliet liter has accepted him and they are the best of friends now!:) Jadan has been named Bingley and he is growing like a weed. Last week at the vet he was 15 and a half pounds!! He still has a few accidents in the house but he is getting better! He is very smart, loving, and playful. I will definitely register his chip I totally forgot about it! Here is a picture too with Berkeley!Bingley(11weeks) Berkeley (4years)!
Ginessa is doing well, spoiled her first week by a week vacation at the beach! She is doing great with potty training and her crate. Beach bum!
Julie Kennedy
Thank you very much. We love our boy (Jacinto)!  We named him Teddy after Teddy Roosevelt, the name fits him! 
Chase Fairchild
June 2017
Ginger is now a year-and-a-half. She is wonderful, and is the most beautiful goldendoodle in the world! We love her so much - thank you!
The Svaranowic's
Independence, KY
June 2017
She is doing great! We have named her Reba because of her red hair and after her mother's favorite country singer!

Here's a few pictures of her. She's already grown quite a bit! She had her first pool day last weekend and loved the water. We're so thankful to be able to call her ours.

June 2017
Thought you'd enjoy a updated picture - she's a sweetheart!
She had her first vet visit with shots, etc and the Vet was very complimentary of your organization and paperwork with the dog, as well as your choice of food and the microchip.  Thank you Beth Rose
June 2017
Hello!! She is doing very well! She's loving life and her tail is always wagging! We take her everywhere with us, and every person we see stops us to meet her! She gets lots of attention from everyone, and she absolutely loves it! At night when I put her in her crate and I disappear from her vision, she whines but she has gotten better about it! Potty training is going okay. We took her to the vet the Monday after we got her, and our vet gave me some tips on how to potty train her but they haven't worked as good as I had hoped.Thank you!
Arabella "Ruby" just celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being my fur baby! She weighs 52lbs and is the best puppy I've ever had. I love her to pieces. We took her to training and she quickly learned to stay, sit, and lay down. She catches on fast! Thank you for raising such great pups!

Brandy Bernick
AUG 2017
Honda (now Tripp) is doing wonderful! He's growing everyday and knows how to sit, shake, and lay down already! He is doing okay with potty training. He has only had a handful of accidents but still will not let us know he has to potty by whining or anything. He has come to love his crate and retreats there for naptime every so often with the door open. He seems to be a happy and somewhat lazy little boy! 
Ashlenn White
SEPT 2017
Bingley aka Jadan is my precious baby!! He is so smart and huge now!:) I love watching Bingley and Berkeley grow up together! Y'all definitely have the best goldendoodles cause my boys prove it!!!
Mary Panell
SEPT 2017
Look who's graduated from both puppy class and Level 1! Thanks to Best Friend's Obedience out of Lexington ky.  Sadie is 5 months and 30 pounds. Favorite treat is an ice cube. Favorite sleeping place is any floor vent. She also loves leaping thru tall grass! She has a very sweet personality is consistently using a doggie door to go outside. Little to no accidents in the house. And only chews her toys! Best dog ever! Also - no shedding! :)  great for my allergies!
Danny and Beth Rose
Sept 2017
Everything is going great! Ronya has adjusted great to her new home & name (Mellie). Potty training is going much better than expected, she’s only has a couple accidents. Our kids love her she’s right by their side wherever they go.
Thanks for everything,
The Boisseau’s 
Sept 2017
Hi Shrocks!
I just wanted to give you an update on how Knox is doing!
He has been the perfect puppy for our small family. He sleeps through the night, barely barks, and loves to cuddle and watch movies with us. He has truly been everything we ever wanted in a dog.  Madison Highbaugh
Oct 2017
Roxana is doing great and we changed her name to Milkah. She is doing well with potty training and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. She is using the back yard for potty time.  We love her personality very much. She is a calm and smart girl. She even found a turtle that had migrated into the backyard. We are looking forward to taking her to the paw park after she completes her vaccinations.
Oct 2017
Gracie is doing great! She seems completely adjusted to her new home and has more toys than she knows what to do with. Crate training is going well and she’s getting better with the potty training too. We love her and are having a great time. Attached a picture from earlier today - she’s growing so fast!!
Oct 2017
Thanks for the email. Pierce, is now named Murphy, and he is doing quite well. He weighs 22.5 pounds !  Potty training is going pretty good. He goes to the door and barks to let’s us know he needs to go out sometimes. 

Jinny Casey
Nov 2017
Edilina (Mary Lou) is doing wonderful.  She is the perfect temperament and level of curious / active and cuddly / sweet.  She is adjusting well to going to our office each day.  She enjoys car rides and the outdoors.  She likes the dog food you recommended and is eating well.  Our vet said that she looked healthy last week.  She is on the NuVet Plus Vitamins! She is a beautiful dog and we are so very happy to have her. 

Thank you so very much,
Christie Mullins

Nov 2017
Paxton (F1 Bernedoodle) has been a perfect fit for our family!  She is smart, sassy and full of life.  Her and our Golden Doodle that we also got from you four years ago, have already bonded and get along so well.  House training has seemed to come naturally for her!  After just a week, Paxton is already going to the back door and winning when she needs to go out, and has not had any #2 accidents!!!  Thank you for giving us two very important members of our family, Peyton and Paxton!  We can't imagine life without them.
The Sircys
Nov 2017
Hi there. Passion is now Beau (F1b Bernedoodle)! He is doing great and we are all falling in love with him. So happy and playful. Crate training is going fairly well. About as to be expected with the puppy.
Amy Young
Dec 2017
Thank you for our puppy, Henry (aka Goldendoodle Jupiter). He has been a wonderful addition to our family! We hope you all had a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year!

The Crockett Family
F1b Goldendoodle Eva and Professor DOB 09/12/2017.
Dec 2017
Wanted to let you all know that Kyzer just received the last round of his puppy shots today and he is a picture of health! Vet continues to brag on him and he is currently 23 pounds, so gonna have a big boy on our hands :) We are so happy with him and he has a sweet disposition and is housebroken and let’s us know when he needs to go potty. He crates through the night and sleeps all night with no accidents. He knows how to sit and does commands and we are currently working on shaking :) Just wanted to pass the updated info to you. He’s beautiful!

Happy New Year,
Robyn Slone
Jan 2018
Happy new year from Marley and the Howe family!!! Marley’s face says it all❤️
Jan 2018
Today our “puppy” (previously Goldwin) is a year old.  Thought we’d share a pic.  Although we thought he’d come in around 50#, he’s a very healthy 67#.  We renamed him Darwin because he is so smart.  He was potty trained very quickly and got his AKC S.TA.R. Puppy Certificate at 5 months.  He’s had the run of our home for many months and has been a very good boy.  We are continuing his obedience training and still have hopes to make him a therapy when he’s a little more mature. Definitely very energetic!  Loves our dog park and playing in our Wisconsin snow!  We love him very much and he will of course be a forever dog to us.  

Terrie & Al Geyer
Minocqua, WI
Hello Shrocks,
We wanted to give you a update on Jax (formally Diego). We worried that he would be shy when coming to his new home, however, Jax immediately started playing and you could tell he felt comfortable, safe, and at home. He has adjusted very well. He has definitely stolen everyone’s heart in our family, and we already couldn’t imagine life without him.
Jax’s behavior is very playful and spunky, yet very loving. He loves to cuddle, but also loves some serious tug of war! He weighed 11 pounds as of yesterday and he continues to have a very healthy appetite. The potty training is going well. There have been very few accidents in the house but that is to be expected. Jax is beginning to go to the back door and scratch to let us know he needs to go outside. He is very intelligent and learns very quickly.
Jax already knows how to play fetch as well as how to sit when prompted.  
  I can’t say enough how thankful we are that Jax is in our life. He is a handful as puppies normally are, but he is one of a kind and we wouldn’t trade him for anything. I have included a few pictures of Jax around the house. Have a blessed day. 
The Little’s
Feb 2018
I just wanted to tell you that Anika (F1 Bernedoodle) is doing great. Her name is now Peanut Butter. She is a sweet, energetic and smart girl. She just passed beginner puppy school, and we are going into the advanced class in a few weeks. She's in the program to become a therapy dog. She's a wonderful addition to our family, and we could not love her more. She's such a confident, strong and well-bred girl. We are so happy with our purchase from you. Thank you!

Kristen Kemp
The potty training is going pretty well. We have changed his name to Moose and he seems to be adjusting well! Our kids love him and he seems to love our 1 year old the most (probably because he always smells like food!)
Thanks for checking on him
Samantha K
Mar 2018
Hi Shrock family!

We wanted to send an update on our red goldendoodle Niko (formerly Hawaii). He is approaching 9 months old and is everything we wanted in a dog - smart, healthy, and very sweet. He potty trained quickly and has such a wonderful deposition. We love him dearly! Thank you very much for being such good breeders!

- Laura & Bo

Mar 2018
He is doing wonderful and adjusting well to his new environment. Potty training is going great, only an occasional accident. We absolutely adore and love him. Our vet said he was extremely healthy and everything checked out fine. He is growing fast !!   We got a bell yesterday for the door and he is already using it to go potty. He is so smart !!! Thanks for checking on him and God bless !
Jody Sizemore
Mar 2018
Shrock Family!

Our dog Freddie aka Jambo is now 6 months old and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is so smart and lovable. He gets along fantastically with our 3 year old corgi too. Thank you guys so much!
Sarah & Alex
March 2018
Shrock Family:

Benjy, now Oz, is fitting in well. He can now come, sit, lay down and come. He has had only two accidents in the house which is awesome for a young puppy in a weeks time! The attached photo is of him sitting on my daughter’s lap along with her dog ‘Minion.’ I will go ahead and register his chip this evening. He has his first Vet visit this Friday. Very smart and loving dog!
The O’Shea’s

July 2018
Hello Shrocks!
Wanted to give you an update on Oz (formerly Benjy). He is a great dog who is a big sweetheart! Oz has become quite the boat dog living in Maryland and we wanted to share some photos with you:

Oz boating on the Chesapeake Bay!
April 2018
Hey Shrocks! Jamelia is doing great! We named her Birdie and she has stolen our hearts! She is sweet,  loving, and fiesty all in one. I am so glad I found your website because she has brought us so much joy already! We are still working on potty training but it is going really good. I have registered her and the microchip about a week ago. Thank you so much for checking in. Oh, she went on her first kayak trip and loved it!!!
April 2018
Hi Shrocks,
He is doing wonderfully. We have renamed him George after a character in one of Ernest Hemingway’s novels. I loved the name Hemingway, but my kids weren’t sold on it. 
We are hit or miss with potty training, but having more hits than misses. He’s slowly mastering using a leash and going down steps. He’s been great eating; we’ve mixed what he was used to with what we like to use and he’s done great with it. He’s super playful and cuddly, and he listens very well. 
Thanks again. We have recommended you to several people, and they have all fallen in love with George! 
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,
April 2018
Hi Shrocks,
“Jarman” is now named, Toby. He is doing wonderful and growing like a weed. Potty training is going well. I have registered his microchip in our name, ordered and received his Nuvet wafers. We love him so much. Thank you and your family for Toby. 
                          Jennifer Burke
April 2018
Hello Shrocks!
Hansen is doing GREAT! See picture attached. We have renamed him Jax and he is fully potty trained and never has accidents in the house. We kept him on the Royal Canin and the NuVet wafers so he is doing well with his diet and has never had any issues. He has been to the vet a few times already to follow up on shots and medicine (not his favorite thing!) and we have registered his MicroChip in our name. He is getting so BIG and has brought a lot of joy to our family! He is a lot of fun and very entertaining as he is full of personality. We are working on the puppy biting as that is the only issue when he gets a little feisty - but he is getting better!
Thank you so much for following up with us and for all of the work beforehand on his medical records! The vet was very impressed. Also I just wanted to let you know that your daughters are so great! They told us everything we needed to know when we left with our new puppy and were so sweet and polite! I really enjoyed meeting them.
The Hasson Family
April 2018
Hello, Shrock family! 
Jeramiah (now Beau) is doing great! He is so smart and is such a calm, sweet puppy. His sister, Millie (our first pup from Jewels and Professor's Sept 12 litter) was so scared of him at first! It only took a few hours for her to decide he was okay, and now they are best friends!!! Thank you for Millie and Beau. They are an amazing addition to our family! 

Goldendoodle love is the best love! Thank you- 

Jenny Jones  
April 2018
Hello Shrocks!
He's doing great. He's sleeping through the night now. And doesn't bark while crated. He is still learning not to potty in the house. But we take him out so often that he hasn't had many accidents where we've caught him to reinforce that inside pottys are bad. He's such a great dog. He loves to sleep on his back. It's hilarious.  Garry H
June 2018
Hello Shrocks!
Berni is doing SO well! We are now calling him Winston(: He is such a sweet puppy. He gets along with everyone and is very affectionate. He is also learning very quickly. He has learned he gets treats for going potty outside, and has only had 2 accidents!! He’s even holding it through the night. We are so proud of him!! Thank you so much. We are absolute in love with him. 
June 2018
I was actually going to message you this weekend. MURPHY (aka Enrico) is FANTASTIC!! I've never had such an amazing puppy! He is such a good boy and is learning things very quickly. He already goes "to the door" when he needs to be let out, never pooped in the house and is very calm during his crated time (which is only at night or if we are gone) but of course he is still puppy and on occasion tinkles on his potty pad in the crate. He fills my heart with so much love! been to the vet and his 1st grooming appointment is scheduled. He is most defiantly one of the family now!

I have also passed on your website to a friend.

I can't thank you enough on how pleasant is was to work with your family on this adoption. I've attached some of my favorite pictures of Murphy and I LOVE his BIG feet! lol
June 2018

As Hatlin, now Beau, is about to turn 1 years old I wanted to reach out and express how incredibly wonderful Beau is in my life. He is a sweet, yet goofy pup who loves to spend his days snuggled up with me. He is a loyal companion and I recommend anyone and everyone who is searching for the perfect furry friend to take home a Bernedoodle. Thank you so much! 

Kelsey Joy 
June 2018
Hello Shrocks!
We named him Wrigley Elwood.  He is doing great, probably the smartest dog I've ever had.  Potty training is good, he learned to ring a bell on the door when he needs to go out and I think he's only had about 3 accidents since we got him.  Funny thing is he doesn't go potty when we go for walks, only in our yard.  He's up to about 22lbs as of Friday when he had his most recent vet appointment.  Everyone in the neighborhood asks about him when we go for walks, wanting to know what kind of dog he is.  Only thing we are working on now is the nipping and jumping on furniture when he gets excited.

June 2018
Hello Shrocks!
Enjoy your vacation. I just wanted to say that "Pansy" (now Zsa Zsa) is the MOST PRECIOUS pup I've ever had. She's so smart! Today, she was given a clean bill of health, and my vet said her health record was the most detailed she's ever seen!  Thank you for our sweet baby! We have recommended you to everyone! Cassia and Onycha were very nice, and made us feel welcome.
God Bless,
Andi Fulkerson
June 2018
Dear Shrock Family,

Macho, now called Joe, is doing great! He stays in his crate through the night without whining, has very few accidents, and keeps us laughing with his playful demeanor. We have recently registered his microchip and have ordered the NuVet wafers, which he enjoys once a day as a treat.
Thank you allowing our family such a gift! We will send updated pictures as he grows. Joe fits right into our family, and everyone who meets him comments on his adorable teddybear-like appearance. He is a lovable fellow!


Tobie Robison
July 2018
Hey guys! Wanted to update you on Rhett. He was formerly “Eldon”
We Love Him so much!
Austin Peckham
July 2018
The Shrocks!
I cannot begin to tell you you how amazing this little puppy is and what an absolute pleasure she has been. Aside from her usual puppy antics (she really loves our recycled water bottles and my sweaty gym socks!), Julie and I love her just so so so much. And she is a genius! Potty trained almost in just a week and only a few accidents here and there (almost all due to her dad losing track of time and her not being able to hold it....). She’s even learned several commands! 

What’s best is she is just the talk of the town in queens. People LOVE her and she is so friendly to absolutely everyone. I have to say that she is going to be the most perfect family dog for us.

Thank you again. Everyone has been asking where we found such a beautiful pup, so your name has been spreading around NYC and Long Island. Hopefully, you’ll have a few more families headed your way soon!

Thanks again!

All the best,
Andrew and Julie Wagner
July 2018
The Shrocks
Maggie (formerly Magnolia) is doing very well! She is already a much beloved member of the family. Potty training is going well we are using a bell to help with training her to go outside. She still has the occasional accident in the house, but it’s usually only when we don’t hear the bell the first time. She loves running errands with me and loves all of the attention she gets when we go out. We have registered her microchip, and she recently had a checkup at the vet and received her next round of vaccines. Thank you all so much for our sweet girl! Katie B
July 2018
Hey Hiedi,
Just wanted to give you all an updated picture of our girl, we renamed her Chassis!! She is SO smart and loves people! We couldn’t ask for a better dog! She’s about 7 months old and just had her surgery to be spayed/neutered and handled it like a champ!!! Here’s a few pictures
Hannah Despain
July 2018
Thanks for checking in. I registered soon after we got her home so that is taken care of. She has been an amazing dog and is fitting into our family nicely. I have attached some pictures. Thanks again for everything.

Michael Hartman
July 2018
Hi Shrocks! 
I received an email today about enrolling my puppy with his microchip. While we completed that process a year ago, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you again. 
In the last year, I can think of several people who have gotten puppies from you guys after meeting Gus. We got Augustus (previously known as Harrison)  last August and he is amazing. He can learn any trick in minutes. From turning off the lights in the house to playing the piano on command, he makes our lives great. When we started staying long hours by himself at 5 months in the open house, people thought we were crazy. But he hasn’t ever destroyed anything. So lucky! 
We got a very special guy from you guys and I could not be more thankful. 
I’ve included a few photos. 
Keep doing amazing things!  Thanks, Travis 
July 2018
Hi Shrock Family!
We just wanted to give you an update on McKinney (now Andi). She is doing great, growing so fast and is so smart and lovable. She plays well with her big brother Luke, who is also from a Blessed Hope Kennels. They are taking a basic obedience class together; they both love to run and play fetch and snuggle with their family.
We will send you another updated photo as she gets bigger!

Ben & Lisa Morris
July 2018
Hello Shrock family,
We hope everyone is doing well.
We’ve had Cocoa (formerly Bundles) now for a little over 8 weeks and she is doing wonderful.
She had her 16 week vet visit last week and weighed in at 33.2 lbs……she weighed 12.9 lbs at 8 weeks. She is such a wonderful pup and so incredibly smart…….we started her in obedience classes the first of July. House and crate training has gone very well……any accidents in the house were more our fault than hers (we just weren’t paying attention to her). She has her moments of high energy and then just relaxes for hours……very laid back personality. We love her crazy sleeping positions. She is an excellent car rider and we take her with us whenever have dinner at dog friendly restaurant (everyone is impressed with her good behavior). I bring her to work with me a usually once a week…..after going around and saying hi to everyone, she just lays at my feet.
We are so very happy to have her as a part of our family.
I’ve attached several photos of her over the past month.
Thanks again….the Calhouns
August 2018
Hi Shrocks!
she’s doing great. She’s growing FAST and loves meeting new friends. She’s snuggly, and love’s chewing, sleeping, and air conditioning. Potty training is going as well as can be expected. I was able to register her today. Thanks for checking in. 

August 2018
I just wanted to give you an update on our Ollie (Jameson)! Our Oliver has been such a blessing to our family! We have enjoyed watching him grow and learn over the past (almost) 6 months! Oliver is spunky, lovable, and a very energetic boy! He enjoys swimming, sunbathing by the pool, playing fetch, and exploring! He is about to enter obedience training to help with some naughty behaviors we can’t seem to break him from, which is probably due to our lack of training knowledge. I grew up with dogs, but my husband never owned a dog. We feel like we are still learning when it comes to training him and feel we need some better help to provide us with the skills and knowledge to help him learn and reverse some of his naughty behaviors. He loves playing with our daughter and does so well with her! We are so blessed that we chose to have him in our family. We wanted to update you and share with you some pictures as he continues to grow! He weighs about 40lbs now! We get compliments all the time on how beautiful he is! Thank you again for giving us a beautiful addition to our growing family! ❤️
Halie Scheidler
NOV 2018
We couldnít of asked for a better puppy! A lot of people I talked to canít believe how good heís doing on potty training. As soon as we go out within a few minutes heís pottying. Heís just got a sweet personality. We bring him in from pottying and after we take his leash off he just sits and looks at us waiting for his treat!!!  My daughters have him sitting and shaking. Still working on him learning his new name and coming. He is definitely loved and adored at our home.

Sept 2018
Dear Shrock Family,
Here are some updated picture of Paster (Oden) he is doing great.  He is completely potty trained even wakes us at night by coming to our bedside and tapping us on the arm while we sleep to let him out.  He is huge at 5 months he weighed in at 62.5lbs.  He loves to ride in the car with us and is the center of attention where every we take him.  We have passed your name on the many people who are interested in purchasing a Bernedoodle.  Do you have anymore planned F1b litters in the future?  We also got his chip #  transferred in our name.  Our vet really loves him and his personality.  I ask her how big does she think he might get. She said she was afraid to guess.  Thanks for such a lovely pet, he has become a big part of the Mudd family!
Sept 2018
Minnie(now Princess Buttercup) is doing wonderful!  She is the sweetest puppy and is much calmer than I expected.  She loves to play, but is also very content just sitting around cuddling when the kids want to hold her all day!  Potty training is going great!  She still has the occasional accident, but it’s usually because we weren’t paying close enough attention and missed her cues.  She’s gained about 4 and a half pounds in the almost two weeks we’ve had her and has a very healthy appetite for such a tiny dog!  She’s settling in quite nicely and we are all absolutely in love with her! 
The Thomasons
Sept 2018
Hi Heidi!
Puppy delivery went AMAZINGLY!
Banner (Aussiedoodle) was an angel for the car ride. Sat in my lap the entire way. No car sickness or accidents.
My parents LOVE him. He is perfect.

Nov 2018
Hi Heidi - Wanted to give you the latest Beasley (Marika) update, she is doing amazing.  We just love her so much!! I can’t believe she’ll be 5 months old soon.  She weighs about 40 lbs and seems to get bigger every day.  Here are some pics of her enjoying life.
Season K

Nov 2018
RICARDO and MACAO are both doing great!! We named the black one Grayton and the red one Reedy. We love them so much and they fit perfectly into our family. I have their microchips registered and received their collar tags in the mail yesterday. The potty training is going...haha!
Thank you so much for checking in on us. Merry Christmas!
- McCall
Nov 2018
Hi Heidi! Thank you so much!!!  Eva is the best dog EVER!  She is adjusting very well, and seems to have come to us potty trained.  She has had just 2 accidents, both were our fault.  When she whines, she is asking to go outside.  She is quick to get her potty duties done before playing outside, and will "perform" every single time we take her out.
We have 3 children, and Eva seems able to love everyone equally.  She is loving, sweet, fun, and full of personality.  She likes to be in the room with us at all times.  She loves being held and loves her tug of war turkey toy.
I will get her microchip registered, and order the vitamins.
Thank you all so much for this sweet addition to our lives.  Eva is much loved and seems very happy.
Best, Sharon
Nov 2018
Shrock family!!
Just wanted to send an update of our sweet boy Cole (was Konrad). Cannot believe he is 3 years old!! He is the BEST dog!!
The Lanes
Nov 2018
Hello Shrock family,
We hope everyone is doing well.
Cocoa (formerly Bundles) is now 8.5 months old and she is still doing wonderful.She currently weighs 64 lbs.As we said previously, she is such a wonderful pup, incredibly smart, and an excellent car rider.We continue to take her with us everywhere we go…….everyone stops us and asks what kind of dog she is.I continue to bring her to work with me a usually once a week.She is just one awesome dog and we are so very happy with her.I’ve attached several current photos of her over the past month.She goes to the groomers about every 6 weeks for a trim of her face, feet and sanitary areas, but Monday this weeks was her first total trim.They trimmed her to a 2” length over her entire body……she looks so amazing……the groomer really just loved all of her markings…..one photo was taken right after we picked her up.
Thanks again….the Calhouns

Disney (aka Pamigo) is doing so well.  Here are some pictures.  Thanks so much.  I have referred many many friends and colleagues  to you.  We couldn’t have asked or expected better.  We may be itching for a second next year.  Disney is HUGE.  lol.  60lbs and still growing.  He’s traveled a lot in his short life.  Hiking, laying in a hammock.  He has is own bean bag.  He’s been to the beach and to the mountains.  I’d say he’s a happy pup.  Thanks again.
Joshua Sparks
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